pspoetry -Day 25- memory-summer of ’21

Summer of ’21 –arlene s bice

Hands on the keyboard

not musical except for the words

musically run through my mind

create, remember, type

heavy drapes at the window

block our sunshine and distraction

write, read, publish

concentrate, live for thoughts, ideas

words eventually printed on paper

still a life-long love of writing, reading

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pspoetry-Day 24 write about loss

Loss- arlene s bice

After those I loved have gone

places are found in my heart for them

to remain forever, always with me

never apart, until our reunion

with joy in the afterlife.

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pspoetry-Day 23 inanimate object


The Nude –arlene s bice

I’m more than a thing of beauty

needing no other reason for existence

but I am a reminder of what once was

a gift, a good memory to bring to mind

now a greeting near the entrance of home

to welcome all who care to enter, enjoy

an insight for the love of art begins and

lives here.

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Ten Things of Thankful

The Captain
  1. Getting out for a daily walk.
  2. Writing friends who like to chat about writing.
  3. Comments about my latest book-fortunately good ones, so far.
  4. FaceBook to keep me in touch with friends that I don’t get to see often enough.
  5. Twitter for an update on what’s happening in the book world
  6. The internet that feeds my curiosity and desire of learning new everything.
  7. Mushroom capsule supplements that sharpen my memory.
  8. Sines Binaural music on You Tube for healing.
  9. Love my lawn service, no more pushing a mower.
  10. The Captain for added responsibility, affection, & humor.  

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pspoetry-Day22 a week in the life of…

Lady Jane reading Life & Labyrinth book

A Week of-arlene s bice

Writing and reading

slip in brief mealtimes

lots of internet connection

keeps me touching the world

life, past and maybe future

toss in an occasional social visit

a weekly in-person study group

a few zooms for those faraway

life at present, the constant is

writing and reading

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pspoetry-Day 21 questions

21 Questions- arlene s bice

As a child always the questions posed

who, what, where, when, how, and why

always, why

curious always to know

Who said so?

What is elbow grease?

Where did this come from?

When did it happen?

How do I know it is true?


always, why

the answer is on the bookshelf

or in the internet.

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pspoetry-Day 10 turn phone off, etc.

No Phone Needed-arlene s bice

Easy to do

no phone needed

my connections are

from a different source.

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an excerpt from Running with the Horses

We were more than 300 miles north of Niagara Falls, Canada, leaving Sudbury.  I suggested that we continued driving north just to see what was there.  For five and a half hours, the road took us far north then southwest. We saw no one and no sign of anyone except for several mail boxes lined along the road. It was miles and miles and miles before we saw the next line of mailboxes. Forests were all around with occasional peeks of sun-sparkled water glistening through the trees.

            The first sign of people was the town of Chapleau. We were starving and spotted the only café on the block-long main street. The sign said Sportsman Hotel and Dining Room. Nothing fancy.

            People on the street stopped and stared at us when we got out of the car and watched us walk inside. It was a little unnerving. Again, inside each person stopped what they were doing and looked at us. We both ignored it, smiled, and sat at a formica top table with chrome legs. The sparse interior reminded me of an old 1920s kitchen; well-worn but serviceable. It match-ed the exterior façade. No one smiled in greeting including our waitress. She was an older woman who looked like her feet hurt. The food offered was plain meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and string beans. When truly hungry basic is more than enough. It was delicious.

Everyone continued to stare at us as we were leaving. They seemed to want to ask what we were doing there!  No one said a word. We thought they were Native Canadians. No one spoke. No one was friendly. There were no open smiling faces. No one was rude either. It was a weird experience I didn’t expect as a seasoned traveler.

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pspoetry-Day19 Textiles

Textiles – arlene s bice

Mother Said

“drapes and carpet dress the room”

sometimes more

sometimes comfort

sometimes protection

heavyweight drapes keep out

distracting light

cold drafts

peeking eyes

bazaar area carpet

warms toes

softens step

dulls sound.

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pspoetry Day 18 favorite song

A Favorite Song-arlene s bice

There are too many

in a long life truly lived,

to choose only one

when each has its own

memory, treasured

impossible to write new

while listening to the old

that keeps pulling me back

into the past, to re-live

with tenderness.

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