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I noted in my journal on 18 December, about 1 ½ months after the Tachyon experience in the pyramid, that my left hand felt like arthritis was beginning to return. Stiffness and pain were slowly creeping back in. Aside from that, I was sure that my balance had improved. I wanted definite proof, no guessing or imagining improvement. My left hand was certainly proof and I wanted it to remain a normal, flexible hand.    

On 22 December I arrived at Dr. Mary’s for a planned 30 minute session in the Pyramid. I slowly walked up the stone path, my mind already anticipating the pyramid, over the wee bridge, and entered the Sanctuary. It still held that soothing effect. Dr. Mary stood by as I squirreled into the pyramid and settled in the chair. She said she’d return in a half hour and left quietly.

            With my eyes closed, I set intentions of healing. I noticed my hands warmed immediately. There was no torso rock tumbling or any heavy vibrations going on at all as happened the first time. My body was calm and still. My mind was peaceful with intent. In my mind’s eye, I saw and felt a stick go through my left eye from top to bottom. It was strange to watch it but I knew it was healing and there was no pain; no feeling at all. I didn’t react to it. It just was.

            I cupped my hands over my eyes, still closed, and ran my hands over different parts of my body as if placing healing hands. The time went by in a flash. Dr. Mary spoke gently and I opened my eyes. It seemed as if I had just closed them.

            I later learned that Tachyon realigns the body and aura so the body can unblock the emotions and heal itself. Hmm. I’ve been holding in a lot of emotions for many years. I hide them behind working. It has been a long time since I cried.

            We retreated to the dining room where Dr. Mary had placemats set out and a glass of water for me. We sipped cups of hot Lemon Balm tea and I nibbled cookies. Dr. Mary let me talk as she visibly watched me.

            I chatted with Cal when he came in to say hello, a bit surprised at how he had bounced back with such energy since I saw him last! He had been suffering with severe back pain but it obviously was healed thanks to Tachyon. We said our goodbyes. I promised to be in touch. I felt wonderful. Alert. Bright. Refreshed. The two hour drive home was as pleasant as it could be. 

Since this last session Tachyon lays in the back of my mind. I’m aware that my left hand is normal. No arthritis symptoms at all! No creeping in stiffness. No pain. There has been a tremendous improvement in my balance! Going to yoga has been a weekly date for the last 4 or 5 years. I usually do a 10-20 minute yoga routine at home on the other 5 or 6 days. I had not been able to do the “crane” pose where I stand on one leg with the other tucked up underneath. Recently I’ve been able to accomplish this at home! I’m sure Tachyon was responsible for this. There is no other explanation for it. I feel balanced. Hmm. I wonder if I could ice skate again. I loved it as a kid and managed to skate every winter until I married at seventeen. That was a long time ago. My adventure continues….. Next Blog—Affects & After effects: does Tachyon work?


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#5 After the Tachyon Pyramid

I sat down, still in the Sanctuary looking at the massage table that had a Tachyon Sleeping Pad on it. Joyce was laying on it. After a few moments of waiting, I thought maybe it would be better if I passed on a turn on the Pad.  Sometimes it was better to not do everything available!

            Still wobbly, I stepped out of the Sanctuary into a light drizzle and onto the path, carefully crossing the bridge this time. Only one of my friends was walking the labyrinth. I knew walking the labyrinth would calm me. It did. I took my time letting my thoughts gently rest as I made the journey to the center, paused for a gratefulness prayer, turned, and came back out again. No rush. I allowed myself to pull together. I knew there were ley lines under the labyrinth and vowed to Google more about them.

            Once calm I went inside where Dr. Mary offered a glass of water, a hunk of chocolate followed by a cup of tea, and conversation. A lot of chattering filled the kitchen. No one else seemed to have been affected like I had. I chalked that up to my previous experience at Avebury. There was something exceedingly special here for me. My intuition told me so last year before there was any mention of Tachyon.

            Dear Dr. Mary gifted us each with a rose quartz crystal. She must have noticed my expression (I never could hide my emotions) because she also encouraged me to go back outside and run my hands through the rosemary growing near the tiny bridge. I inhaled the aroma of it, ran it over my body, and washed my hands with it. Peace settled in. It was time for us to head home.

My psychic cat Lizzie greeted me at the door, meowing loudly that she was glad to see me back home again. It wasn’t quite 7 p.m. The swelling of my arthritic left hand ring finger was back to normal! After a long time of pain, swelling, and stiffness I was bending and wiggling it. The pain was gone! Flexibility of my left had returned! I stood in amazement!

            Eye surgery from a burst cyst a year or two ago left an internal splotch of dried blood on its’ surface. It seemed smaller and I could see light through parts of it by 10 p.m.! I woke up every hour throughout the night. No problem. I had no idea why I woke up. I just turned over and went back to sleep, letting whoever was in charge of me and my body tonight handle the whole enchilada.

Two days later I went to Duke Eye Clinic for my regular injections into both eyes to keep Wet Macular Degeneration at bay. The splotch was a bit smaller and less dense! My vision was better than it had been in some time. My depth perception had improved. Duke Eye Clinic had been keeping the Degeneration at bay for approximately ten years and I am extremely grateful for it.

            My left hand fist closes and opens easily again and again, after a year of not being able to do that. At 9:30 p.m. my inner chest rumbled. Nothing wild or drastic. Just something was going on in there.

More Adventures with Tachyon continues. . .


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My Tachyon Pyramid experience

The Pyramid stood in the middle of the room, approximately 4 or 5 feet high. It looked like a bronze tubing frame with a white plastic garden chair filling the inside space. It was open-sided.  I stood close by determined to be the second person to enter since I missed the chance to be the first. I bent over and squirreled in, slipped into the seat and breathed deeply to relax. I wanted this experience. I could taste it with every sense of my body and mind. I felt like I waited a long time for it and I didn’t even know about it a year ago!

            As I released my deep breath my feet and legs began to vibrate slightly, internally. The vibration moved slowly up to my torso and bam! A tumbling was going on in my insides! It felt like water rushing over rocks and tumbling them over and over! Clunk, clunk, clunk. I felt my internal torso shaking wildly! Within seconds which seemed much longer, the tumbling gentled and visibly slowed. Egyptian pyramids and Standing Stones drifted through my mind as this tremble lessened. Tears flowed gently as my face crumbled. The muscles in my face felt like they do just before I’m going to cry-the sobbing type of cry; like when I am overcome with emotion. What did all this mean? I knew this was special for me but I didn’t know what it meant and why me? Then again, why not me? Thoughts raced through my mind. I thought of how the day began.

In the year between our visits, Dr. Mary and Cal suffered a fire and the outside chapel was burned, too. In rebuilding they turned their small exterior cottage into a Sanctuary.

            Before entering the Sanctuary Dr. Mary explained about quantum physics; everything in the universe is a dense form of energy. Energy flows constantly. Energetic continuum beyond light was mentioned. My brain is not scientifically inclined, so I didn’t grasp all of it but later researched it online. I understood that the direct focus of Source energy of Tachyon and how it aids the body by balancing and reorganizing it to a higher order thereby healing itself. From further reading I believed Tachyon had married the spiritual with science.

            Dr. Mary took the time and patience to explain the importance of the pyramid that her brother had created to exact measurements. Because my mind does not retain details, especially ones to do with numbers, I wrote my impressions in my journal at the end of the day. Walking the stone path from the house through the Zen garden and over the tiny bridge to the Sanctuary gave off a promise of peacefulness. The inside continued the gracefulness of lavender and white with the artistic beauty of stained glass, crystals, and soft light enhancing the room with a soothing, spiritual ambiance.

            The inside rumbling lessened and my wits began to settle.  I was aware that my friends were waiting for their turn to sit in the chair, too. As soon as I knew I could stand, I squirreled out of the pyramid, shaky and weeping quietly. I looked at no one. I concentrated on what was going on with me.  Later I asked my friends and they said yes, I shook visibly and the Pyramid rattled, too!              

Con’t in next BLOG.

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A Tachyonized pebble was passed around so we could each handle it; getting the sense of it. Looking over at it laying in Charlene’s hand, I thought the stone could have passed for a nickel-sized piece of lava, maybe a bit larger.  Then she passed the Tachyonized pebble to me. It was only a second until it vibrated wildly in my left palm! The connection between me and this pebble was intense and immediate! I purposely received it in my left palm-closer to my heart. As it continued send energy (healing?) into my hand I looked around to see if anyone was watching. No one noticed the major event taking place in my palm! They were all glued to Dr. Mary as she told us how Tachyon was a particle from outer space that is faster than the speed of light! (Tachyon is Greek for the word speed.) 

This all started with knowing how eager my Soul Tribe was to learn, Dr. Mary sent word in early November ’17 that she had some new, exciting information to share with us. My bones told me that this was going to be an extraordinary day! Or maybe it was my intuition running on high. Nine of us Soul Tribe happily organized a caravan and insisted that we bring lunch this time. We planned a Pot Luck selection at its best and came in three different vehicles; again emerging from different directions.

            Dr. Mary and her friend/personal assistant Mary II greeted our van at the door. After our greetings and hugs, Mary II gave us in the first van, a mini tour while we waited for the others to arrive. Since it was the pre-Christmas season the house looked quite different without the Christmas tree, abundance of angels adorning each room, and the other holiday dressings. I instantly noticed the soothing effect of the pale lavender walls complemented by the white furniture and accessories that created an airy and heavenly tone.

            Mary II led us into the cozy meditation/healing room first. The soft lighting of candles and fairy lights indicated sanctity. Their enhancement with the white carpet exuded the feeling of renewal and harmony. A gathering of crystals spread in the room added the sense of tranquility floating in the air. Again a peacefulness wrapped around me.

            The others arrived. We spoke with Cal, who was settled in the family room, before we all sat down to our hearty lunch. Excited voices chattering filled the air with festivity as we caught up with the events of our lives. When our stomachs were satisfied we went to the media/family room as previously. Dr. Mary passed around a piece of Moldavite for each of us to hold and examine while she talked about it. When the greenish gemstone reached me, I held it in my left palm. It released heat instantly from the intense frequency it carries. I didn’t hold it long because we had moved on to other gemstones, so the Moldavite didn’t get a chance to extend the heat through my body as it is known to do. That’s when Charlene passed the Tachyon piece to me. My excitement holding this Tachyon pebble, felt like fireworks were setting off within me. I was getting messages and no one was looking! I passed the stone along so I could pay attention to what was being said.         

            Dr. Mary pointed out a pad lying against Cal’s back. It resembled a white lamb’s wool heating pad without any wires extending out. This was Cal’s third day of holding it against his lower back to heal a pulled muscle. It worked! Mary II had used the Tachyon mat on her knee and it healed the sore knee within the week!

Tachyon energy claims to neutralize harmful energies in your body that cause disease. While it may not magically heal you, it directs your body to heal itself. It conducts a natural detoxification of your body, highly absorbs the vitamin and mineral benefit, deepens meditation and increases a sense of connection to the Source.

Next blog will reveal my extraordinary experience in a Tachyonized Pyramid!

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Eight of my Soul Tribe set out on a drizzly, raw, white sky day in December of ’16 in two vehicles leaving from different directions to meet at Dr. Mary and Cal’s for a visit and to walk their newly completed labyrinth. Our road trips were always a joy and for me, this was a first time meeting Dr. Mary and her husband Cal.

            As soon as I stepped over the threshold into Dr. Mary’s home a healing presence settled on me. A breathtaking white Christmas tree nearly touched the ceiling. It glowed with tiny white lights, lacy ribbons, crystals, and white birds that seemed ready to sing out a lilting melody. Nearby stood a twinkling angel at least 3 feet high encased in white and a huge sparkling amethyst that complemented the pale lavender walls and white furniture. Mirrors reflected the many brilliant crystals that sent waves of healing energy. I happily absorbed them, feeling them glisten in the air.

            This was a home of light, peace and love. It glowed with it. Large windows, French doors with glass windows drew light in on this cold winter day. A crackling fire in the fireplace exuded the warmth of days gone by when it was the only heat in a home. Now it enhanced, sending out waves of loving comfort. Stained glass and angels were everywhere. They reminded me that there were blessings plentiful enough if one was open to receive them.

            The dining room table was laden with a feast for us hungry travelers and we did it honor. “Yum” and “delicious” described our appreciation as we chattered in between forkfuls of the tastiest of foods. We really had not expected such a grand luncheon.

            After we were fully sated, we removed to the media/family room where a wall of windows overlooked a Zen garden with small statues, angels, rocks, cactus, and stones that created a peaceful meditation spot. The outdoor chapel sat beyond the labyrinth which lay beyond the garden.

            We talked about the healing energies of crystals and gemstones. A few were passed around one at a time. We handled them and allowed them to create a tingling sensation, or not before we passed it to the next person. Reactions were mixed depending on who held which one.

Then we drifted out to walk the labyrinth, one or two at a time. The cold seemed to fade as I paced slowly, thought of living in the now, and what was going on in my life. I paid attention to the feelings and thoughts that came to me.

            Eventually, we gathered back in the house to the music room where Dr. Mary played her white baby grand piano with grace and elegance. As I listened I heard, as well as felt, angels surrounding me. I was wrapped in the comfort of a mother’s love; entranced.

Woe is me! The visit had ended. We needed to leave this magical place and head home. But I carried this enchantment with me until we came again.

Next time I would be introduced to Tachyon!

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My Adventure with Tachyon

A new adventure is always good.

Where to begin is always the hardest part when starting to tell a story or chronicle an adventure. So, I begin with looking back five or six years ago to one of the people I’d met who totally changed my life just by meeting her. That one was The Sandra Martin -as she is known in the literary book & TV production fields.

I received a phone call one day and Sandra said to me, “My daughter gave me your book, (The Ghostly Spirits of Warren County & Beyond) and I’ve just finished reading it. Would you join me for lunch? I’d love to talk to you about it.”

Those are magic words to any writer’s ears! I’m sure I stumbled over my words as I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough. We drove over to the Hardware Café, after finding the Robinson Ferry restaurant wasn’t open. Both are in Warrenton, North Carolina. We ate for a half hour and talked for over two. It was as if we knew each other forever.

Meeting this woman of like-mind changed the direction of my life. I had been searching for her as a result of a Reading of a few years ago. In the Reading with a recommended psychic over the phone, she told me that I needed to find a particular like-minded group. She didn’t tell me where or how. That was the hard part. I began my search without much success. Now, here I sat with The Sandra Martin who came seeking me! The Universe. Ya gotta luv it! Success is all in the timing.

In a few days’ time Sandra took me to meet Ellie Newbauer, a sage, a woman of today, full of wisdom, laughter, new ideas, leader of the pack, and so much more. Ellie was nearing 90 at the time, bursting with life at its best! The door was open. I walked through it joyfully meeting a group of mostly women (a couple of enlightened husbands joined in now and then) who met on the First Sunday of the month to hear invited speakers or sometimes met for discussions on spirituality, the metaphysical, new, and old ideas of living.

We took day trips, not to go shopping, but to hear others speak of improving our way of life, whether it applied to physical health, opening our thoughts to new ideas, or just exploring life. About a year and a half ago, we were invited to have lunch with Dr. Mary in Smithfield. Whenever someone came up with an idea or invitation, my immediate answer was always “I’m in!” I’m so eager to learn what I don’t know and that’s a lot.

This time my reaction was different. A feeling overwhelmed me that my life was about to make a major change again. Something important was waiting for me at this woman’s house who I had never met before, had never heard her name mentioned in the group, and had no idea who she was or what she represented. But I knew I had to be there!

A week or so before we were to go, we went to Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship to hear Dr. Mary speak on Quantum Physics. Surprisingly, I grasped what she was talking about. Her talk helped me to understand what I thought was way above my intelligence level.  Hmmm.

#Stay tuned. More to follow in the next blog.

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PSST! I heard Ron Skow has a new book coming out . . . soon!

Skow’s first book in the adventure series

It’s titled: Retrieval and Security, Inc., Something’s Got to Give and it’s full of adventure and new happenings goin’ on with the Lady in Red-Ashleigh Wanamaker leading her team of experts! I can hardly wait to read it!

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