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Chapbook Challenge – day 7

This is a Rattle Chapbook Prize Winner

That I enjoyed reading more than any other from Rattle.

Falling Off the Empire State Building –Jimmy Pappas

He begins the Title Poem with:

I shared a story with my students

about how construction workers

would fall off the Empire State Building

while another line of workers desperate

for jobs , waited to take their place.

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Chapbook Challenge-day 6

Be’tween You and Me- arlene s bice 2013

I share with you an early attempt at self-publishing and

a sevenling poem; it is split into three stanzas

first is 3 elements connected, 3 lines

second is the same yet opposite

third is a one line zinger which reminds me of NJ irony.

He Loved-arlene s bice

he loved horse races

dog track


he hated reading



he married a writer.


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Rolling down the interstate on a morning after a heavy rain making the world look like it was scrubbed clean by Mom last night, I stay relaxed but constantly aware of traffic around me, especially the big guys, meaning the tractor trailers that dwarf my little, red Mazda II that I love so much.

They generally tend to be good drivers but still they have to see (meaning me) in order to be road savvy where I’m concerned as I never forgot the time a trucker kept pulling left into my lane as I blew the horn, pffft, his music must have been playing loud and I finally just braked my car rather than run into the center island because I knew he just didn’t see me..

We were slowing down, fortunately, for some kind of trouble ahead or for certain I would have been in trouble, too.

At the time I was clearly alert and on my toes as far as interstate driving goes not allowing random thoughts to run through my mind as I was doing today.

Driving is good for letting ideas spark, ferment and form solid ideas for what I am going to work on in my writing when I arrive home and also for working out knots in a piece of work I have already started,  maybe thought was finished until that lightbulb went bing!

That bing let me know it wasn’t as finished as I thought.


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Chapbook Challenge-day 5

Crossings –Jude Dippold

Jude writes of losses, letting go, death, dying, mourning, mostly remembering; bringing remembering to me, though my memories are always there in my shadow even when I have no shadow.  I feel the depth in his writing as it encourages me to take time to write a poem for each of my own many losses.

Clearly I see the portrait of his sister he writes about, my dear friend Anne, younger then, with the simple beauty of daisies and the sun lighting her hair. She adored her brother.

Fortunately, each of my lost loves i.e. ancestors, parents, siblings, sons, and friends, has come to me at least once, a few have come often but each time has been comforting. Life after life and all after love.  This is a special chapbook that has important insights to give you, written in many different ways.

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Chapbook Challenge-day 4

From the late Judy Beach’s Ritual Writing IWWG

One poem:

Spell For A Desired Position

arlene s bice

Cast a circle

lay a blue cloth in the center

with a blue candle in a blue dish on top

of the blue cloth. Enhance this with a blue

ribbon, let scented citrus oil permeate the air. Be

sure to have blue underwear on. Lay a section of

the newspaper that is desired to be publish in, be-

tween  you and the candle. Lay your article on top of

the desired newspaper. Light the blue candle. Begin

speaking gently to Mother Goddess:  “Please merge

these two that I may become the writer, published

routinely,  desired by many readers, appreciated 

by editors.  Send the power, wisdom,

make way for my path. My grace

 to you with thankfulness.

Blessed be.

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Chapbook Challenge-day 3

One poem from As the Day Dawns

The Lake – Ellie Newbauer. .

Rousing from its slumber,

it cuddles in its blanket of mist.

An early morning breeze skitters,

and fitfully drops,

to caress its satin body.

The glassy water responds

to the whispering lover,

so close for an instant the two are one.

They separate, and the fickle gust hurries on

to spread its rippled secrets

to the farther shore.

As the misty shroud dissolves,

shadows fall,

heralding the coming sun.

Diamonds burst forth,

and in a tap, slide, turn,

they gaily dance the day away

to the lapping rhythm

of the flowing waters.

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Chapbook Challenge -Day 2

What Brought You Here? Nancy Duei Denofio


It tasted like a nip

of bad wine-it would

curl inside, grabbing

a hold of your heart.

One more time-then

it’s over. They say

tell us again.

It’s self confidence

assurance, liberty of

women, our right.

One taller, stronger, a

warrior. Picture a

dignified soldier.

Children seldom hear

the scrape of a sharpened


Revenge, pillage, spoiled

Deflowered, endeavor, and

weaker, unable to fight

or confront a warrior.

Those who never touched

a blade tell those who have,

“Confront the past.”

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New Challenge- read a chapbook a day for August

Writing What You Love Loving What You Write

From the late Judy Beach

Ice Cream and Love

arlene s bice

It’s more than a childhood memory;

the texture, the flavors, the taste

rolling around my tongue, melting, creamy

soothing my throat, adding to my pleasure.

The biting cold stinging my mouth.

Strawberries freshly picked in spring,

chunks, dripping with sweet juices

lay over the mound of French Vanilla

in a fancy glass rimmed in gold

like kisses laying on my lips.

A summer-ripened cantaloupe,

hollowed out and filled with scoops

of Chocolate; blending, melting

with the juices of warm fruit

coming together as one body.

In the autumn when spicy flavors

of Pumpkin and Buttered Rum tease

the palate, tingling the tongue

licking the drips on the cone,

my fingers wrapped around it.

Cold winds come in winter,

volcanic hot fudge covers the

heaping icebergs of Black Walnut

like your hands caressing my

breasts with your touch.

Seasons define the years,

flavors define the seasons.

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It was one of those clear, cool, clean-air early mornings perfect for walking and getting my energy level up before I began my work day.

The sky was Carolina blue with clouds straight off a Monet painting just drifting by with ease.

As I moved along about a mile from home I looked up and noticed clouds moving along at a quicker pace than when I began.

Uh, oh, I see the one little cloud hanging with its big brothers, it’s dove grey color darkened, beginning to look threatening.

No worries, it’s just a wee cloud in the middle of big, snowy, candy cotton clouds.

I may as well turn back anyway I think as I cross the street to turn toward home still believing that wee cloud was of no consequence until I reached 50 feet from my front door when that wee cloud burst overhead giving me a shower soaking through and through.


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SSS- Hunch

abundance of birds fly in, nibble, fly out again

between gossiping together now and then

last week the feeder was completely nil

I watched, I waited, a fat squirrel came to fill

at the feeder one morning, I was at brunch

uh, oh unhappily it was exactly like my hunch


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