Gardens & Poetry & More

Garden at Clyde’s Backyard Birds


To the first

Open mic evening

Read your poetry or prose

Sing a song *** Or just listen

In the Beautiful Garden

Rain or shine

Sunday, September 15

4 to 7 pm

Host: Arlene S. Bice

No Cost

At: Clyde’s Backyard Birds

3410 Hwy 903

(driveway abuts the Sunoco Station)

Exit 4 off I-85

Bracey VA

Tacos, quesadillas, hand-dipped ice cream and

specialty coffees available for purchase

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Great Little Bordentown, New Jersey

Arcadia has published Bordentown books with great pictures that have a vast amount of its history showing the integrity of the town that continues to be so. Read about the Quakers who first settled the town. The Quaker Meeting house still stands and is in use!  Bordentown’s history reads like a great story of adventure! Occupation by the British and Hessian’s, burning of Colonel Borden’s house while his wife sat in a rocking chair and watched. A library so well respected that it was left intact even though it belonged to a Signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Thomas Paine never purchased property anywhere that he lived but he bought a house in Bordentown, and it still stands today.  And there is so much more. Good Stuff!

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More on Major Fraser’s

Could he be the model for Jamie Fraser of Outlander fame?

 A little more about Bordentown (NJ) books. Major Fraser is a story about the history this house on Prince St. saw. The largest part is about Major Fraser who may be the Fraser Gabaldon used for Jamie Fraser in the Outlander series. They seem to run alongside each other for a while and of course, without the time travel thing. Hers is fiction, Major Fraser is fact. The family is at no loss for adventure, real life adventure. The kids in particular. One becomes a real life princess.

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#12 Final: Tachyon Outcome

I strongly believe the Cocoon experience integrated my physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental energies. It centered and calmed me internally, promoted clarity and just plain left me feeling wonderful. I believe it focused on my self-healing.

            I don’t get colds or the flu. I don’t even have allergies that so many complain about in this area. I don’t get headaches, rarely ever did in my life anyway. I don’t have daily aches and pains that I hear others of my age bracket (senior) moan about. My attitude is positive.  I see things differently these days. I am compassionate and understanding. I haven’t always been. I’ve gained wisdom. I’m told that I look 20 years younger than I actually am. (I don’t hang in front of mirrors, so I don’t know.) I definitely feel younger than I expected to be at this age. My consciousness has expanded. My psychic abilities have sharpened tremendously in this past year.

            It’s hard to say Tachyon has healed my eyes from Wet Macular Degeneration because I have continued with my eye injections. However, my injections are now 10 weeks apart-that’s a first. Also, holding the Tachyon Pad up to my closed eyes whenever the kaleidoscope appeared stopped it. A big deal in itself! When I used a towel or sheet nothing changed. I could prove my hearing increased because I could measure it by my computer speakers. It lasted for some time but I think more treatment sessions would keep the improvement to normal. My balance definitely improved tremendously. Standing high on my toes proved that.

            Healing arthritis in my hand was absolutely proven! No doubt there at all! My hand continues to be flexible and pain-free after more than a year without any extra attention from the Tachyon pad actually being wrapped around my hand. Tachyon guided the healing (correcting) of my occasional kinked knee to heal itself, quickly and easily. That was proven! These are definite healings that I could prove outright. 

            I’m a believer! I think Tachyon is one of the modern medical answers to some health problems (maybe all, time will tell) when used with knowledge and guidance of someone who knows how and what to do. Dr. Mary is a blessing in my life. I was guided by my Spirit Guides to meet her. I was certainly intended for this Tachyon experience. I knew I had to go to Dr. Mary’s before I even knew who she was!

It’s important that you know I have no connections with anyone connected to Tachyon nor has anyone asked me to write about Tachyon in a favorable manner or to write about it at all. I was so overwhelmed with my initial experience in the pyramid that I knew I wanted to share my experience so I kept notes.

I haven’t read or researched Tachyon because I didn’t want it to influence my thinking so I could give an honest evaluation of my experience. I know I have a role to play in helping others find their way to better their lives by doing what they love to do. If I can help anyone toward enlightenment through writing and maybe telling them about my experience with Tachyon, well, I’m happy to do that, too.

One last statement: the continued rumbling that comes to me internally (except for the pyramid-that was Tachyon) may not be connected to Tachyon at all. Around the year 2000 I flew to England with the purpose of visiting Avebury’s Sacred Standing Stones. Avebury is similar to Stonehenge but in Avebury you step into the field where the sheep are grazing and go up to the various stones. They weigh tons a piece some are 15-20 feet tall maybe higher.  I went from one to another and finally backed into one in particular and molded myself into its rough surface. It took me years to make the connection that when I returned home from that experience I noticed a strong rumbling internally especially when I lay in bed at night. Many times it woke me up.  For further reading search for the name Freddy Silva and Standing Stones.

Thank you for reading my posts.  If anyone has questions you may contact me by email:     Please place the word “tachyon” in the subject line.

Arlene S. Bice

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Major Fraser’s Bordentown without pictures, lots of info

Major Fraser’s on Prince Street has lots of stories and history of Bordentown without the pictures, all text. Good stuff. Love the people who have lived and made Bordentown what it is today. A wonderful place to live!

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for newbie Bordentown lovers, especially

the Hamilton B & N and Amazon on-line carries the Arcadia Series of Bordentown books (with pictures) (3) it helps to identify the buildings in town and homes of important and famous residents of the past. Photos of Hoagland’s Tavern burning are in these books. Enjoy!

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My Personal Tachyon Cocoon Experience

Driving to Dr. Mary’s for my first session with the Tachyon Cocoon instigated excited anticipation running through my mind. I gave thought to how good I’ve felt on a daily basis for this past year. I’m energetic, speed walk most mornings, attend yoga and do some brief Tai Chi Chih movements a few days a week. My balance is amazing. I can actually stand on my toes! Never been able to do that before. Ever. The stress that lay under my surface was gone. I have taken life as it came without worry or trying to control it in any way. My strength has surprised me. I’ve become healthy. I can tell I’m healthy because my hair looks good. It even curls up on its own. When I used to feel lousy and my body was out of whack my hair looked like crap.

Dr. Mary began our time together by explaining how Tachyon particles work; how they work as a template that knew/sensed how one’s organs were when healthy. I thought about my right knee. It kinks up after driving long hours if my seat wasn’t perfectly set. My legs are short and usually my seat needs to be re-adjusted after an oil change or car inspection. I wrapped the Tachyon Pad around the knee and the ache drifted away in no time.

I arrived with major curiosity. When Dr. Mary escorted me into the healing room, she showed me the Tachyon Sleep Pad that lay under a sheet, the Personal Cocoon strip on top. I lowered my back on the Tachyon strip which was maybe 3-5” wide (I’m guessing on the width) and 6’ long. I centered my chakras along the strip. Dr. Mary carefully ran the wide strip between my legs and up over my body until the strip met at the beginning above my head. She placed a ‘bootie’ on each foot with a Tachyon Ultra disc inserted in each one  My hands were tucked into ‘mitts’ with Ultra discs slipped in there also. Lastly Dr. Mary placed Goggles over my eyes. She laid a sheet of silk over all. Surprisingly the silk felt like the heavy weight of a quilt when it lay on me yet I knew it was light weight. 

            Soft music played. For 20 minutes I was wrapped in a sea of peaceful energy. I felt as though I returned to the comfort and security of what it feels like in a mother’s womb.

     I meditated on a strong, healthy body and eyes that were free of degeneration.  My palms became very warm and my feet felt cozy.  My senses pulsed. My right ear ‘cleared’ not popped but cleared. I felt a gentle hand rested between my breasts and I knew no one was present to place a hand there. I felt each internal organ individually. My belly was warmed. I set intentions. I rested, was content and comforted.

            Dr. Mary came, slowly unwrapped me as I returned to the conscious world again. Yet I lay there for a few minutes more to re-adjust, leaving the goggles on my eyes. I felt light-hearted; happy, cheerful, energetic. I felt the ‘oneness’ of the world and knew of the unconscious shift taking place.

            Next: Final Outcome

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