about books and writing ….and eventually art, too

Writing for Anthologies

Writing completes me. It fills me up and empties me out.

I was born with genes that gave me green eyes and a height of five feet, both from my mother’s line and a thirst for learning from my father’s side of the bed.

For memoir, writing takes me back
in time, but heals my today
and tomorrow.
These are three opening lines from three different pieces I have written for The Creative Arc, an anthology on writing edited by Jyoti Wind and graced with many other writers from around the country on why, how, where, and when they write. I found it interesting to read the ideas and opinions of others on a subject so dear to me. I think I kept looking for a silver thread that led from one of us to connect all of us. Not sure I found it although I did find some similar feelings about writing. Good stuff.

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