Arlene Sandra Bice

Finishing my memoir-interviewing for the next ghostly book-reaching for submissions for this year’s anthology-seeking recipes for the cookbook, accepting stories for the grandmother’s book-writing lesson plans for the writers’ groups-formatting a teaching program-planning a new poetry book-publishing books for others!


It’s about to drive me over the edge

there are not enough hours in the day, yet

I love what I do


cannot give up


time with friends




will not give up



Tai Chai Chih

volunteer work

I love what I do

I’m full

of gratitude for it

thankful for it

so there is no answer

I just love what I do.

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PROMISED BY HEAVEN A doctor’s return from the afterlife to a destiny of love and healing by Dr. Mary Helen Hensley

promised heaven      This book begins with a punch and ends with a punch, and in between is a story that is nearly impossible to put down. Be prepared to sit up all night reading.

The story opens with Mary Helen Hensley in a hospital coming back to life after a fatal car accident. She was nearing her 22 birthday. I began marking the paragraphs and underlining sentences on page 5 and continued until the end.

Hensley holds nothing back. She doesn’t make herself out to be a hero, just a woman trying her best to do good and to get through life, being loved and loving. She tells us how difficult that can be. Her pain when life hits low points, are not hidden, but laid out there for you to understand. Her metaphysical experiences are clearly explained, so you can understand those, too.

Her writing about her life and metaphysical experiences has led me to understand many of my own. This is a book to keep and read again and again, learning more from it each time. Thank you, Mary Helen Hensley for writing this book.

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THE MUNICH GIRL by Phyllis Edgerly Ring book review


THE MUNICH GIRL by Phyllis Edgerly Ring

Over the years many books about WWII have landed in my lap. I thought there couldn’t possibly be another avenue to look at this war. Until now. This is a hard-to-put-down book, giving another viewpoint of the well-known, but not much known about person, Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun. (She is rarely, if ever, referred to as his wife.)

Yet, she is only a small part of the story, the part entwined with Anna and her mother, the every day part that we all live. The story blends those who were inside Germany, but not followers of Hitler, and the Allies who came from outside Germany to defeat him.

There is so much going on in this fictional story that reads like it is true, probably because of all the detailed research the author conducted and the personal feeling she brings to the page. There are surprises to unwrap. Nothing is predictable, which makes the story even better. I LOVE THIS BOOK! And it’s a book that I will re-read.

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CASSANDRA AND THE GI P.I. vol. 3 by Meriwether Shipley

DSCF4228 The saga moves along in this Dupont Circle mystery, as does the Cassandra/Harry relationship. We learn a bit more about Harry’s background, the youth and childhood that gives him the foundation he thrives on now, as they continue to prepare for the Big Day. . .the wedding.

In the meantime, we step back into the Civil War period as Cassandra, Harry, and best buds, Chris and Mother, drive to Cinque Terra to help a wounded warrior. The mental wounds seem to be more difficult to heal. This is what Harry does, helping to heal those who suffer like he does.

Harry is a busy man. He also has this new interest in the theatre he bought. Cousin Bill is helping him with that, along the way of falling in love. There is a possibility of an explosion in that area, since an art expert has stepped into the arena.

Really, what’s all this about Panama? It’s connection to Washington, D.C.? I anxiously await for Volume 4.

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It was a great morning last Saturday, when Sandra Martin hosted a talk, reading, and book signing for me at BackYard Birds ‘n Books-Sandra being the books, in Bracey, VA. Anyone can read the book, so I enjoy talking about the “back story” that doesn’t get into the books. That’s fun.

Since one story about ghosts leads to other stories, I wound up talking a lot about Bordentown (NJ) and spirits that have visited me during the night. They were, among others, the Fraser family, coming one at a time to help me in locating information about them. This was when I was writing Major Fraser’s, the history of a particular house in Bordentown and all its inhabitants from Day One. Actually, before there was a building on the property. I enjoyed writing this book, so I love talking about the writing of it. The book is now out-of-print, but there are still a few copies floating around.

Interesting family.

Even more interesting: since I brought my copy of The Munich Girl by Phyllis Edgerly Ring along with my passion for the story, and my discussing it, brought me being connected to the author through Lisa Hagan. We have both been long-time members of the IWWG. . . . hmmm. The more I think of this, the more I remember having a conversation or two with her during those years. WOW! Synchronicity. Ya gotta luv it!

A review on The Munich Girl will be coming up soon. You don’t want to miss it.

Mucho thanks to Sandra Martin for this wonderful moment in my life, shared with the best audience ever. They took part and shared some of their stories, too. How cool is that.



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WOF Women’s Open Forum Event * FEATURING: Linda Smith


    30 April 2016 * Saturday * 11:00 to 3:00 pm Reserve Now / Pay $35.00 at the door

Bring Your Lunch   Give yourself permission to dress for the Ageless Goddess you are.

There will be A CLOSET AUDIT, everyone bring an item from your closet that you are willing to part with. We will put them all together so everyone will go home with a new treasure for their wardrobe.

We’ll have demonstrations on wearing your clothes differently, how to accessorize and how to have FUN doing it.

Talking about our clothes in a whole new light will reveal secrets I’ve learned, that will give you joy. Open discussion is interwoven. Held at: “The Gathering Place”

115 Magnolia Court * Wildwood Point * On Lake Gaston * Littleton, NC 27850

For further info:  ellienewbauer@gmail.com



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Thanks to all

Moon full Linda best   who came to the Tribute to Robert (Bob) Bice last Saturday night. Super thanks to host Thomas, who kept things rolling, doing the fine job of emcee, as he always does, encouraging all to stand up and be heard. Thanks also to everyone who read a poem, talked about a memory moment with Bob, and to those who came to listen. We had a great time and sent these moments about Bob off into the Universe with joy (and wine) and an evening shared with friends and warm wishes all around. Thanks to Victoria Lehman and to the Warren FoodWorks for supporting the night. I’m sure my brother was watching and enjoying it all from the Afterlife.  Arlene


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