THE FIVE GIFTS, Dr. Laurie Nadel, PhD Book Review

Well, if there was ever an absolutely perfect time to read this book, it is now! With all the extreme weather destruction around the world, when violence erupts in the least expected places and times, when people are losing everything they have and cherish. Dr. Nadel provides guidance to work your way through it, survive and go on to pick up the pieces in the best possible way. The book is not only for those who have had disaster strike but for the others to share empathy and understanding what truly happens in a person’s life.

When violence enters your life, you want to move forward away from the shattered pieces of yourself and pull them all together again. Nadel provides ways to do this with, what she refers to as keys, to calm your mind, body, and spirit.

Personal interviews with EMTs, First Responders, and survivors brings the reader right into events that destroy so many. I highly recommend keeping this book handy to refer to, reread, and let her knowledge help you or a friend through some bad times.


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RASI-Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

I just finished reading this exciting book that has a sharp, sexy gal with a classy name of Ashleigh Wanamaker as the owner and CEO of RASI. I love it when smart women are in charge! She also hires competent guys, like Erik Deckard (easy to look at, too) with experience and know-how to do the jobs she takes on.  Most of the action of retrieving diamonds and bars of gold bullion from a sunken ship takes place in Cape Town, South Africa.  The plot has twists, turns, and surprise, which I am not going to reveal!

It’s easy to tell the writing is by a former U. S Marine Corp. guy with aerospace experience. He makes me wonder if he was in the middle of this caper. I highly recommend it to those who like to read fast action, weapon tech, and an intricate plot full of characters.

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Interior  of a house in Warrenton with many ghosts that love where they are.


This is the time of year when ghosts are talked about whether pretending for a Hallowe’en costume or the real thing. Of course they are present year ‘round but the subject seems to come out of the woodwork in October.

Part of the fun of gathering stories to write a new book on hauntings and things that go bump in the night, is hearing the experiences of other people when they see  that wispy something floating up off the floor, or a body in a red plaid shirt that also happens to be transparent, which everyone knows is impossible. It’s an interesting way to realize it’s time to expand your thinking, to search out some of the new scientific findings that prove what others have been swearing was true all along.

It’s also a lesson in learning to believe what another is saying even though you cannot see what they are seeing. Of course you can practice ways to open your mind to intuitive senses, you know, that sixth sense that you already depend on when meeting someone that you may or may not like instantly. Where does that come from? There are many good books available that can lead the way to learning so much more about the after-life and the before-life, too.

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DSCF2956All this talk about tattoos and the young people (anyone under 50) who foolishly spend a lot of money decorating their bodies with expressive artwork and how it’s going to look and how are they going to feel, when they get to be 75 years old and their muscles are sagging and their skin is getting that old look. Well how does anyone feel when their undecorated bodies are sagging and their skin is turning into crocodile skin? At least they enjoyed the beauty of their tattoos while the designs last.

What something may look like 25 years from now is no way to decide whether you should enjoy something now. What if?  What if? What if? What a lousy way to deny what you want to do now.

The way I see it, decorating one’s body with paint goes back to the beginning of time, right about the same time the cave men and women were painting their activities on the walls of the caves they lived in. So many cultures that came along afterwards followed suit, aborigines in Australia, Native American tribes that originally came from the land of today’s Russia, South American peoples, African tribes, etc.
European royalty of the 17th and 18th centuries had their faces painted with bold beauty marks, boasting little designs of stars and sky-high wigs, men included, thank you. The courts in Asia were partial to painting their faces white before adding the colorful lips and eyebrows, etc.
And really, how many women won’t leave the house without their face power, lipstick and eyebrows. What’s the difference? Style. That’s the only difference.
Is there such a difference from the fancy fashion designers changing the styles of clothing each year? Have you seen some of those gowns worn on the red carpets of film festivals? Sometimes I feel embarrassed for those women! It’s as if the designers spent a lot of time and imagination to create a new way to make women look like clowns. Maybe those women don’t have full length mirrors in their homes, or perhaps they got dressed before they put their contact lenses in.
Body piercings? Not new. Been around since history was first recorded, maybe earlier.
My thoughts? Enjoy your body art. Some of it is downright gorgeous. My hat is off to you artists that create the beautiful designs and the courage those of you have to withstand the pain to have the glory of a tattoo. Enjoy it!


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RANDOM EVENTS TEND TO CLUSTER-Judy Wieder -a Lisa Hagan Literary book

Sorry, I read it on my Kindle so I have no cover picture.
Another memoir that is interesting, unusual the way it’s laid out: her life up against major attention-getting, earth shattering events since the ‘60s. RANDOM EVENTS TEND TO CLUSTER by Judy Wieder is a Lisa Hagen Literary book that kept me riveted, opened me to lifestyles different from my own and struggles far from my own. Which means I learned a lot of new information about life from a writer who lived her life very different from my own.
I’d not heard of Judy Wieder but was intrigued by the title and I do love memoirs. So I jumped in and was rewarded by good writing, a deep pull on my emotions, a re-visit to major events I remember reading about, and a reminder of some personal struggles I survived, too.
This memoir is all about being a writer and the path it took her on. I loved it and recommend it to anyone who likes reading the adventures of others. It brought a lot of memories back to me, to

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WORKSHOP LEADER: Arlene S. Bice, author of 14 books (3 memoirs)
Saturday, 22 Sept. 2018 10 am – 4 pm
Comfort Inn * South Hill, VA
includes box lunch, materials & follow-up
reserve your spot now,
Paypal or check SEE WEBSITE FOR MORE:
Telling your story is a priceless gift! Your story told as the only person who can tell it, the way you lived it, felt it, what made you happy . . . or not. Forget about spelling. Forget about grammar. This is a fun way for a fun day. Tell it your way. You will be led in ways to recollect moments you think you’ve forgotten. It’s all in there. You will be shown how to build your story. You’ll be guided with ideas and writing crafts. You can write about growing up, your teen years, your career, your clothes closet over the years, your shoe collection, traveling, raising kids, or not, the parts of your life you liked best . . . or not. You choose the portion you want to tell.
This exciting one-day workshop with Arlene S. Bice, memoirist, author of 14 books, and workshop facilitator for over 20 years provides an intimate place (limited to 12) to write what is burning inside you, waiting to come out. Write your story straight from the heart so your children, grandchildren, and others will know the real you, not only by the roles that were visible. Tell them about a yesteryear that no longer exists and will never return.

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Synchronicity pops up often in my life, as it did a few days ago. A friend handed me a book, Portrait of a Past Life Skeptic by Robert L. Snow that her daughter told her to give to me. I was pleasantly surprised as I recognized the title and author’s name. In 2012 he spoke at the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach, VA where I was attending a past-life regression seminar. I was impressed with his story but had limited funds for buying books, so I didn’t get his that day.
As I read his story it brought his appearance back to me. He was a police captain for 30 years in Indianapolis, IN who, on a dare, experienced a past life regression with Dr. Griffith. As his career must suggest, he believed in facts, only facts; the here and now, certainly no New-Age stuff, even after his session.
It was difficult for him to accept that he once lived in the 1800s as an extremely successful artist, J. Carroll Beckwith. Yet the experience rolled around in the back of his mind until he started doing some research to disprove what happened to him once and for all. Except that it didn’t disprove it. Instead it proved that he once lived as the artist.

Being an artist, I had been impressed by his story enough to do some research of my own and found a few of his paintings online. His most famous portrait of The Lady in Red was featured in one of my art books. Even though I had learned some bits about reincarnation when I heard him speak, I learned even more by reading his full story in the book. I especially enjoyed his wrap-up at the end where he says how the experience has opened his mind to learn so much more about life and the afterlife.

I loved his book! Taking the day off from a computer who was sassing back at me in the way of not doing what I wanted it to do, I finished reading the book in one day. When I emailed Lisa, thanking her, not knowing why she chose to send it to me, but happy that she did.
Well, she didn’t. She sent it to my friend Arlene and it got to me by mistake! Or by synchronicity!


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