A few of my Jane Austen collection
  1. For the opportunity to publish a Jane Austen anthology.
  2. For new, fun books still being published with Jane Austen as the protagonist.
  3. I am thankful that I have traveled much in my life when it was fun to travel.
  4. For all that I learned from people I met through traveling outside the USA.
  5. For the computer that makes it easy to write, share and record my thoughts.
  6. That the perpetrators of the assault on our Capitol are being arrested and charged.
  7. For the milder weather days promising winter may not last too long.
  8. For the responsible people wearing masks and taking the vaccine.
  9. For people who share the beautiful poetry they write that lifts a low heart.
  10. 10.For my new Jane Austen ceramic mug even though it is a left-hander; a gift to me at Christmas.


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Photo by Michelle McEwen on Unsplash

When it is truly time for a break, to tear myself away from the computer when the words are flowing so easily saying exactly what I want to say without effort or the delete button and to prevent sore back muscles and eye strain; I look over at my favorite teapot, a gift from a dear friend many years ago.

Yes, I tell myself with no argument from me in return, it’s time!

I put the water on to boil, and when it does, I use some of it to warm the pot, slush that hot water around its innards to heat the sides as well.

My mouth begins to water as my mind alerts me that a wonderful treat is at hand.

I empty the teapot, scoop a healthy spoonful of tea from the canister into the pot and pour in the boiled water, let it steep as the aroma tickles my nose.

No way will I filter out the true taste of my tea by using that horrible, commercial invention called a teabag.


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MondayPoetry Prompt -21.01.11.

lady, island, essential

leonardo-yip from Unsplash

Otherplace Dreams

A lady wrapped in furs

keeps away midwinter chills

dreams of tropical islands

where sunshine warmth bestows,

‘tis essential to the healthy mind

shedding the brrr from frosty window sills. (C) arlene s bice


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Image by M. Maggs from Pixabay 
  1. Snow. A light snowfall that probably won’t last but seems to cleanse the world around me. My world, my country needs that cleansing right now.
  2. That the poison of the Republican party has risen to the surface and revealed itself to those last few who wouldn’t believe it existed. Now a cleansing of that party can begin.
  3. The present person in the White House is finally leaving, hopefully in a straight-jacket with duct tape over his rather big mouth. May his children follow him out the door.
  4. That the incoming president has the wisdom to select many women and people of various ethnic backgrounds to fulfill the positions surrounding him.
  5. That I have the freedom to write what I believe without recourse.
  6. Hooray for Simon & Shuster for withdrawing a book contract from Josh Hawley resulting from his traitorous behavior shown online for all the world to witness.
  7. For all the writers who have the courage to publish their writing and their books.
  8. For the peace that follows the turmoil of riotous destruction.
  9. For the chance to rebuild.
  10. For the Americans who put themselves in harm’s way to help our country grow, straight, healthy, open-minded, and respectful of others.


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Image by emmagrau from Pixabay-thank you

Some people seem to think it took forever for year 2020 to finally be over. But I take exception to that. It seems to me that as soon as I turn the calendar to the next month, time zips on by in a flash; it’s the 5th, the 15th and when the 25th comes, forget it, the month is gone!

I find that I cannot keep up because time is passing by so quickly. I wonder if it is because I am immersed in my work, because I am content with my life or if there is a reason I haven’t yet discovered. But I know that time is zipping away too fast.


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Monday Poetry Prompt-monument

Image by Peter H from Pixabay 

Monuments-arlene s bice



men build ‘em

feed their egos

use any excuse,

to tell the world

how great they are

do they reflect

honor, freedom



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Picture by Melissa Zikos from Unsplash. Thank you.
  1. For the perfectly, slightly chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc wine that I toast to all my family, friends and acquaintances, new and long-time. I love you all dearly. You’ve helped form me into who I am today.
  2. I’ve survived 2020 by wearing a mask.
  3. That I still use my time productively as a writer.
  4. That I’ve been in touch with my first Maid of Honor and she is healthy and still single, by choice, too.
  5. For all the various jobs I worked at that gave me a full life of experience and empathy.
  6. For all the people who have entered my life and made a difference. Some turned me onto a different path…and it was good.
  7. For the angels who watch over me when I make stupid mistakes…or maybe they were just lessons to learn.
  8. Music in my life. It can create a memory to write about or to just enjoy.
  9. To have loved and been loved…the greatest reward on earth.
  10. For those who overlook my scars and impurities and like me anyway, maybe even love me in their own way.


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Picture by walaa khaleel from Unsplash

“Ah,” said the crone slowly to the babe standing before her in diapers with a ribbon across his chest. “I see you are a newcomer to the crowd that we already know. What do you have to say to us, promises perhaps?”

But the babe said naught, just looked back at her with wide-eyed wonder. He had no history to call upon, nor any references of any kind. So in baby talk he murmured, “let’s just wait and see if I can go the distance.”


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Picture by Mario Mendez from Unsplash. thank you.
  1. A lifetime of wonderful Christmas memories.
  2. To have been able to give generously with my heart.
  3. I’ve learned how to receive gifts graciously.
  4. To share love and encouragement wherever I can.
  5. Christmas carols, who cares if I’m off key.
  6. To have a laptop that brings the world to me.
  7. To have a laptop that allows me to explore anywhere in the world.
  8. For the many writing projects completed with joy this year.
  9. For new writing projects starting in January. I love starting something new.

For my family and friends even though I don’t see them all.


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Picture by Jan Huber from Unsplash

It was a busy pre-Christmas week at the fort even though we were stuck out in the wilderness surrounded by fields that lay fallow where beyond that the forests, full of a huge variety of trees, was found a gorgeous tree perfect for a Christmas celebration.

This was a new item added to a long list of traditions brought in by the assortment of people who immigrated from European countries, all of us seeking the freedom this country, still young in the mid –nineteenth century, offered in settling their far northwest.

For the last three days we were under siege by an angry tribe of natives although we had made peace with the tribes who lived in the region, enjoying and sharing what we had to offer including our stories from the old country about the Christmas season.

I was hoping and praying they would come to our rescue since we became personal friends with mostly everyone in the tribes as they were invited to come and go freely in our homes.

Our abundant harvest reassured us of holding out for a long time but our ammunition was quite another matter without a general store around the corner to replenish our supply.

All of a sudden the arrows and bullets noticeably lessened, so I gazed over the wall of the fort to see a vast number of blue uniforms atop thundering horses rising out of the horizon full of the sunshine lighting up the land at the river, knowing instantly that we were saved to live and share our Christmas Day with many guests of soldiers and natives at our tables.


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