My Personal Tachyon Cocoon Experience

Driving to Dr. Mary’s for my first session with the Tachyon Cocoon instigated excited anticipation running through my mind. I gave thought to how good I’ve felt on a daily basis for this past year. I’m energetic, speed walk most mornings, attend yoga and do some brief Tai Chi Chih movements a few days a week. My balance is amazing. I can actually stand on my toes! Never been able to do that before. Ever. The stress that lay under my surface was gone. I have taken life as it came without worry or trying to control it in any way. My strength has surprised me. I’ve become healthy. I can tell I’m healthy because my hair looks good. It even curls up on its own. When I used to feel lousy and my body was out of whack my hair looked like crap.

Dr. Mary began our time together by explaining how Tachyon particles work; how they work as a template that knew/sensed how one’s organs were when healthy. I thought about my right knee. It kinks up after driving long hours if my seat wasn’t perfectly set. My legs are short and usually my seat needs to be re-adjusted after an oil change or car inspection. I wrapped the Tachyon Pad around the knee and the ache drifted away in no time.

I arrived with major curiosity. When Dr. Mary escorted me into the healing room, she showed me the Tachyon Sleep Pad that lay under a sheet, the Personal Cocoon strip on top. I lowered my back on the Tachyon strip which was maybe 3-5” wide (I’m guessing on the width) and 6’ long. I centered my chakras along the strip. Dr. Mary carefully ran the wide strip between my legs and up over my body until the strip met at the beginning above my head. She placed a ‘bootie’ on each foot with a Tachyon Ultra disc inserted in each one  My hands were tucked into ‘mitts’ with Ultra discs slipped in there also. Lastly Dr. Mary placed Goggles over my eyes. She laid a sheet of silk over all. Surprisingly the silk felt like the heavy weight of a quilt when it lay on me yet I knew it was light weight. 

            Soft music played. For 20 minutes I was wrapped in a sea of peaceful energy. I felt as though I returned to the comfort and security of what it feels like in a mother’s womb.

     I meditated on a strong, healthy body and eyes that were free of degeneration.  My palms became very warm and my feet felt cozy.  My senses pulsed. My right ear ‘cleared’ not popped but cleared. I felt a gentle hand rested between my breasts and I knew no one was present to place a hand there. I felt each internal organ individually. My belly was warmed. I set intentions. I rested, was content and comforted.

            Dr. Mary came, slowly unwrapped me as I returned to the conscious world again. Yet I lay there for a few minutes more to re-adjust, leaving the goggles on my eyes. I felt light-hearted; happy, cheerful, energetic. I felt the ‘oneness’ of the world and knew of the unconscious shift taking place.

            Next: Final Outcome


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My Tachyon Pad arrived quickly. I sat on it during each afternoon of reading for a couple hours. At first it felt warm. As I continued I didn’t notice anything different. Maybe I was adapting to it.

            The following Sunday, I woke from the rumbling in my head. As soon as I sat up, it stopped. The next day the rumbling dropped to my chest. The head and chest rumbling were new.

            Sometimes I held the Pad over my closed eyes. Since the Wet Macular Degeneration began with my eyes, I got what I call a black and white ‘kaleidoscope’ that shows up in my vision from time to time. I don’t know what causes it and apparently no one at the Eye Center knows either. It is an arc or two that looks like a kaleidoscope ‘wiggling’ but in black and white instead of colors and it appears in both eyes at once. Holding the Tachyon Pad against my eyes makes it disappear immediately.

            Sometimes I held the Pad against my ears. Sometimes I laid it on my head while I wrote at the computer. Mostly I sat on the Pad while at the computer which is several hours a day, mostly every day. I wasn’t sure how I could tell if it was positioning me for healing or what it was doing. I firmly believed that it was aiding my body to strengthen itself wherever I needed it, maybe in places I didn’t even know needed healing. I kept reminding myself how flexible my left hand became and has remained. That was an action proved that I could see immediate results.

Within a short time, there was no denying my psychic abilities improved tremendously. When the phone rang, I knew who was calling before I picked up the phone. I knew who was going call me that day. I heard perfectly at the Study Group session. My ear cracked again the next morning before I left the bed. The cracking was similar to having your ears pop on the airplane.

On Tuesday when I attended yoga, my balance was perfect and my flexibility was like flowing water even though recently I had not practiced every day.  Ten to twenty minutes of yoga was my usual routine each night but sometimes other activities pulled me away from it and I had to work to get back into the routine again. I even heard Lisa’s yoga commentary. I usually don’t hear her at all only the tone of her voice, not the words.

            I’ve been very productive with my writing. I continued to sit on the Tachyon Pad while I was at the computer. Rumbling continued internally every now and then.  I was just so used to it. Then the tumbling eased off for a few weeks before it returned again. I began not sitting on the Pad every day. Like most of my habits they faded before coming back again. I just became too wrapped up in my writing. When that happened all else fell away. Temporarily.

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I’ve gone to Duke Eye Clinic in Durham (NC) since 2007 for Wet Macular Degeneration in my left eye. There was a leakage in the eye that creates a black dot that blocks sight. The injection I got in my eye stopped the leakage, though we never knew for how long. A needle in the eye sounds horrible, but my eye was numbed first so I didn’t feel the needle actually go in. I breathed deep and looked to the side so I didn’t actually see it coming either. The injections kept my ability to see and I would do most anything to hold on to my sight. I adapted to getting the needles.

            Sometimes my eye stayed dry for a couple weeks, sometimes longer. Then the eye leaked again. The leaking is within the eye. It wasn’t visible or leak outside the eye. No one could see it just by looking. I could only tell by the black spot in my vision and my vision would become jagged.

            No one seems to know what causes the Wet Macular. The Dry Macular comes with age.  It was frustrating because I couldn’t find any reason why my eyes wouldn’t stay dry.  Why sometimes they stayed dry for two weeks and sometimes two months. I couldn’t figure it. I paid attention to see if I was doing anything different but I was just being me doing what I had always done.

Dr. Fekrat came up with a new plan for me to receive injections regularly to build up the eye. At first it was every two weeks for a length of time. When no leakage came, we stretched to three weeks, By 2016 we were doing every four weeks but I was getting injections of Eyelea in both eyes because my other eye had gone Wet also.

            That was extremely upsetting. I refused to do the “what if” on myself. I did think a move into the city was a good idea. Being in the country without vision to drive would make me a prisoner in my own home if the Eyelea failed for any reason. I put my house on the market and moved to South Hill (VA) in the spring of 2016. Most of my Soul Tribe lived nearby in South Hill or Bracey.

Because of winter weather I missed an injection appointment in January 2018.  Either because of Eyelea buildup or because of the initial exposure to the Tachyon Pyramid and after one session with the Tachyon it had been seven weeks and my eyes were dry! It has been at least 10 years since I’d gone that long without leaking. Maybe it was a combination of both. I have no way of telling. But it’s what I believe.

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On the following Wednesday I gathered with my Study Group in Arlene’s living room. I felt fine but I couldn’t follow what anyone said because I couldn’t hear, which meant I had to be quiet and not join in on the discussion. I hated that. I liked being part of the tugging and pulling of ideas and opinions. My hearing was disappearing fast. I knew buried and unresolved emotions can interfere with a body’s functions. Examinations I’d had wouldn’t tell me if something physical had caused my hearing to fade, or not.

            “It just is.” He said.

            What kind of an answer is that, I said.

When Vernon Sylvest came to speak to my group one Sunday I scheduled a session with him the day before to discuss my hearing. Could it truly be as simple as a hidden emotion? I knew I had buried a lot of emotion and anger over the years when I was “being the strong one.” I thought that was how to protect my kids, by not showing the times when I was in despair, afraid, or swallowing anger to keep peace in the house. I didn’t want them to witness any violence their father lashed out at me. He was 6’2” and a mason contractor, strong. I was afraid to rile him, avoiding it at all costs.           

            It was bad enough the one time that he upset the supper table, with supper on it and the kids and me sitting around it, eating. (He had a date and wanted to cause a reason to stomp out of the house. I knew his tricks and just let him go without a word. By then, I could care less where he was at night.) I now know that probably wasn’t the right thing to do, but I was still young, 26ish and didn’t know better.

            “What words do you not want to hear?” Vernon asked again and again as we sat in a quiet room at Maggie & Pete’s where Vernon had spent the weekend. We talked more as he tried to pull an answer out of me. (I was used to keeping my thoughts and memories deep within.) We spoke of other things then he came back to that question again and again. I didn’t know. I guessed there were a lot of words I’d not wanted to hear.

            “Will you marry me?” The words just burst out uncontrolled! It startled both of us. I nearly bolted. Well, that took me back a bit. Truer words were never spoken. But I had no idea they were still buried in there. I said no to marriage with my fiancé of 15 years because I refused to marry regardless of loving him. He was a good man. But they were certainly words I never wanted to hear again.

Sitting at my computer the next day, I reduced the music volume that I played in the background while I wrote, by three digits! It worked! I was surprised and delighted! In time, without noticing my hearing had faded again. Now I wondered if Tachyon could help restore my hearing even better.

Hmm. It looked like there was something to this hidden emotion thingy. I was excited waiting for my Tachyon Pad to arrive, thinking it would add to my healing.

Coming next:  Wet Macular Degeneration

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 I squirreled into the Pyramid easily and sat, breathed deeply and Dr. Mary left. I relaxed, closed my eyes and cupped my hands over them seeing them healed. Then I moved my hands down to cover my heart, lungs, down to my liver, to my stomach, and finally my kidneys. At each turn I saw them healthy. I sat quietly, not feeling any sensations, picturing the images of Tachyon particles floating down on me like glitter drifting from the stars. I felt as content as anyone could be while gently healing my body and spirit.

            This was about a month after my first extended session in the Tachyon Pyramid Dr. Mary invited me to come for another session. I arrived, excitement bouncing around within me, near the end of January ’18 for another 30 minute session. I thoughtfully took the path wondering what wondrous moments were coming to me again. I stepped into the Sanctuary on this clear, cold day with the mixture of giddiness inside me and serenity on my surface.

            A round dish lay inside the pyramid frame just below the peak, connected to all four sides of tubing before they joined at the top. Dr. Mary gave me some guidance on setting intention. She instructed me to visualize Tachyon particles floating down from the dish covering me wherever I wanted them to go for healing. How easy and peaceful that seemed to be.

                        The time flew by and Dr. Mary came in to lead me into the dining room for a glass of water followed with a cup of Yogi Blueberry tea and cookies. We discussed a variety of subjects while she observed me.  A hello and goodbye to Cal and I was heading north again.

            About an hour into my drive which is half way home, I felt gentle internal tremors. I stuck my hand out extending my arm. Steady as a rock. The tremors did not show externally yet they rumbled around inside. That’s still so strange but I just let it be whatever it was. I believed it was the Tachyon working to heal my body. Any trembling I‘ve had over the years from the Standing Stones had only been noticeable when I lay at rest in bed at night. These tremors settled after a short time then returned again after my dinner around 7:30 p.m.

It was time to order a Tachyon Pad. I asked Dr. Mary to order one from Advanced Tachyon Technologies. I went online to read where founder David Wagner became severely handicapped and was bedridden for three years in constant agonizing pain after a file cabinet fell on him damaging his back discs. He is a scientist as well as inventor, spiritual, a naturalist, and energy healer. He was the original to use Tachyon so that’s where I wanted to purchased my Tachyon Pad. It’s roughly 10” X 20” and comes in a sheep’s wool-like zippered cover.

Why me? Why not me? What has the Source offered me and why choose me? I definitely felt I was chosen for this experience. None of my group seemed to react as I had. Maybe they didn’t need any healing like I knew I did. Or maybe they didn’t believe as strongly as I did. I have a lifetime of hurts and disappointments, inner scars that I have never faced or admitted. They need to be resolved and healed before they cause physical damage or diseases, and before this lifetime ends. So many questions. So many thoughts filled my heart and mind. I carried them with me whatever I was doing.

            After years of considering myself too inconsequential to bring about positive effects to anyone, I wondered why me. Maybe because I was just crazy enough to try something completely unheard of in my part of the world. Maybe it was to further feed my desire to help others through writing and the Source told me to help myself first. Giving this deep thought, I believed I was led to Tachyon to heal what needed to be healed within and to share my experience. I felt the pull even before I heard the word Tachyon. I’m overwhelmed with feelings about all this.

Ahead: The Tachyon Pad plus Miracles?

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I noted in my journal on 18 December, about 1 ½ months after the Tachyon experience in the pyramid, that my left hand felt like arthritis was beginning to return. Stiffness and pain were slowly creeping back in. Aside from that, I was sure that my balance had improved. I wanted definite proof, no guessing or imagining improvement. My left hand was certainly proof and I wanted it to remain a normal, flexible hand.    

On 22 December I arrived at Dr. Mary’s for a planned 30 minute session in the Pyramid. I slowly walked up the stone path, my mind already anticipating the pyramid, over the wee bridge, and entered the Sanctuary. It still held that soothing effect. Dr. Mary stood by as I squirreled into the pyramid and settled in the chair. She said she’d return in a half hour and left quietly.

            With my eyes closed, I set intentions of healing. I noticed my hands warmed immediately. There was no torso rock tumbling or any heavy vibrations going on at all as happened the first time. My body was calm and still. My mind was peaceful with intent. In my mind’s eye, I saw and felt a stick go through my left eye from top to bottom. It was strange to watch it but I knew it was healing and there was no pain; no feeling at all. I didn’t react to it. It just was.

            I cupped my hands over my eyes, still closed, and ran my hands over different parts of my body as if placing healing hands. The time went by in a flash. Dr. Mary spoke gently and I opened my eyes. It seemed as if I had just closed them.

            I later learned that Tachyon realigns the body and aura so the body can unblock the emotions and heal itself. Hmm. I’ve been holding in a lot of emotions for many years. I hide them behind working. It has been a long time since I cried.

            We retreated to the dining room where Dr. Mary had placemats set out and a glass of water for me. We sipped cups of hot Lemon Balm tea and I nibbled cookies. Dr. Mary let me talk as she visibly watched me.

            I chatted with Cal when he came in to say hello, a bit surprised at how he had bounced back with such energy since I saw him last! He had been suffering with severe back pain but it obviously was healed thanks to Tachyon. We said our goodbyes. I promised to be in touch. I felt wonderful. Alert. Bright. Refreshed. The two hour drive home was as pleasant as it could be. 

Since this last session Tachyon lays in the back of my mind. I’m aware that my left hand is normal. No arthritis symptoms at all! No creeping in stiffness. No pain. There has been a tremendous improvement in my balance! Going to yoga has been a weekly date for the last 4 or 5 years. I usually do a 10-20 minute yoga routine at home on the other 5 or 6 days. I had not been able to do the “crane” pose where I stand on one leg with the other tucked up underneath. Recently I’ve been able to accomplish this at home! I’m sure Tachyon was responsible for this. There is no other explanation for it. I feel balanced. Hmm. I wonder if I could ice skate again. I loved it as a kid and managed to skate every winter until I married at seventeen. That was a long time ago. My adventure continues….. Next Blog—Affects & After effects: does Tachyon work?

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#5 After the Tachyon Pyramid

I sat down, still in the Sanctuary looking at the massage table that had a Tachyon Sleeping Pad on it. Joyce was laying on it. After a few moments of waiting, I thought maybe it would be better if I passed on a turn on the Pad.  Sometimes it was better to not do everything available!

            Still wobbly, I stepped out of the Sanctuary into a light drizzle and onto the path, carefully crossing the bridge this time. Only one of my friends was walking the labyrinth. I knew walking the labyrinth would calm me. It did. I took my time letting my thoughts gently rest as I made the journey to the center, paused for a gratefulness prayer, turned, and came back out again. No rush. I allowed myself to pull together. I knew there were ley lines under the labyrinth and vowed to Google more about them.

            Once calm I went inside where Dr. Mary offered a glass of water, a hunk of chocolate followed by a cup of tea, and conversation. A lot of chattering filled the kitchen. No one else seemed to have been affected like I had. I chalked that up to my previous experience at Avebury. There was something exceedingly special here for me. My intuition told me so last year before there was any mention of Tachyon.

            Dear Dr. Mary gifted us each with a rose quartz crystal. She must have noticed my expression (I never could hide my emotions) because she also encouraged me to go back outside and run my hands through the rosemary growing near the tiny bridge. I inhaled the aroma of it, ran it over my body, and washed my hands with it. Peace settled in. It was time for us to head home.

My psychic cat Lizzie greeted me at the door, meowing loudly that she was glad to see me back home again. It wasn’t quite 7 p.m. The swelling of my arthritic left hand ring finger was back to normal! After a long time of pain, swelling, and stiffness I was bending and wiggling it. The pain was gone! Flexibility of my left had returned! I stood in amazement!

            Eye surgery from a burst cyst a year or two ago left an internal splotch of dried blood on its’ surface. It seemed smaller and I could see light through parts of it by 10 p.m.! I woke up every hour throughout the night. No problem. I had no idea why I woke up. I just turned over and went back to sleep, letting whoever was in charge of me and my body tonight handle the whole enchilada.

Two days later I went to Duke Eye Clinic for my regular injections into both eyes to keep Wet Macular Degeneration at bay. The splotch was a bit smaller and less dense! My vision was better than it had been in some time. My depth perception had improved. Duke Eye Clinic had been keeping the Degeneration at bay for approximately ten years and I am extremely grateful for it.

            My left hand fist closes and opens easily again and again, after a year of not being able to do that. At 9:30 p.m. my inner chest rumbled. Nothing wild or drastic. Just something was going on in there.

More Adventures with Tachyon continues. . .


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