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Thank You Poetry Challenge Readers

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Thank you Readers -arlene s bice

Thanks to all who read

My poetry challenge of 30 days

Completed it all, instead

Of easily failing in many ways

It was fun to revive

Words strung together

Poetry did survive

All kinds of daily weather

My thanks.

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pspoetry-Day 30-a contest

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A Contest – arlene s bice

Contests are great

bring out a challenge

in you

yet no longer for me


I like to complement instead.

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ten things of thankful

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  1. This week I’m thankful for April being Poetry Month with 30-day challenges. It got my poetry pen writing again after a dry spell.
  2. I’m so glad walking around the block has come easier and without gasping for breath.
  3. Dreams. I’ve been have lengthy dreams of action in full color, like films.
  4. For coloring books of Jane Austen and cat themes. I’d rather be painting but these have filled in until I get the brushes out again. It is relaxing, on the sunporch with the Captain on my lap and sometimes on my shoulder.
  5. Gorgeous blooming bushers, bridal bushes, azaleas, etc. and flowering trees are bountiful this spring.
  6. A small individual electric griddle that is so cute and so convenient for one.
  7. For my everyday salad with kale that keeps my heart happy and pumping.
  8. For positive comments on Running with the Horses. They are encouraging.
  9. For the healing process that doesn’t give up if I don’t. The human body is an amazing miracle.
  10. 10, For small miracles that happen every day. Too many people are too busy to notice.

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pspoetry-Day 29-favorite modern poet

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Favorite modern-day poet:

“Everything Is Waiting for You” by David Whyte

 arlene s bice . . .

Your written words speak to me

You direct me, lead me, guide me

With those words,

When you read them

A bit of Irish lilt slips out


Making your words


Why fight it

I invite them in

Hold them, revisit them

When needed

And sometimes just for pleasure.

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pspoetry-Day 27 flower metaphor

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  • Tulips-arlene s bice

The children were lined up

like tulips all in a row

tall, straight up

brightly colored clothes

all different

as was their skin

each one a complement

to the other

in full bloom.

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pspoetry- Day 26 – not going without

No Going Without- arlene s bice

Reading for pleasure

is one of life’s treasures

it is how I measure

a successful leisure

years ago I had no time

to sink into a book sublime

definitely it was a terrible crime

not to spend hours of prime

so I never think to refuse

reading my books to lose

myself with no abuse

not for me, to be obtuse.

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pspoetry-Day 24 write about loss

Loss- arlene s bice

After those I loved have gone

places are found in my heart for them

to remain forever, always with me

never apart, until our reunion

with joy in the afterlife.

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pspoetry Day 18 favorite song

A Favorite Song-arlene s bice

There are too many

in a long life truly lived,

to choose only one

when each has its own

memory, treasured

impossible to write new

while listening to the old

that keeps pulling me back

into the past, to re-live

with tenderness.

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pspoetry Day 17 collaborative poem

Prom Time

Edgar Allan Poe & Me-arlene s bice (with more apologies)

It was many and many a year ago,
   in an ancient village of Wales
That a man there lived whom you may know
  and I knew as well as thee
And this man he lived with no other thought
   Than to read and write along with me.

I was a child and he was a child,
   In that ancient village town
But we loved with a love that was more than love—
   I and this man of my dreams;
With a love that the winged seraphs of heaven
   we read and we wrote, this man and me.

For the moon never beams, without bringing me dreams
   Of this man and the time we spent;
And the stars never rise, but I feel the bright eyes
   Of my loved one so close to me;
And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side
Of my eternal love, a love that never died,
   In his sepulchre there in that town,
   In his tomb where he  lays in that town.

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pspoetry Day 16 after the rain

After the Rain -arlene s bice

with the earth washed clean

dirt and  debris sent away

time to begin anew

peppermint refreshed air

scents released as I walk

a solo wooded path

leaves still dripping

softly reminding me

the storm has spent

peace uncovered.

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