About Arlene S. Bice

I adopted Bordentown as my home after being born and raised in nearby Hamilton Township, New Jersey. Bordentown sort of wrapped itself around me and never let go. Living there formed and molded me into becoming what I am today. It holds dear memories. My next home was in the forests of Macon, North Carolina where my spirituality has deepened . My two rescued, literary psychic cats, Jane and Lizzie shared my home and my life until Lady Jane passed away. They were named for the Bennet sisters of Pride and Prejudice. They had the same personalities.

Mz Lizzie came with me to my present home, back into town life in South Hill, Virginia. It took awhile for Mz Liz to adapt to the sounds of town, quite different from the very restful quiet of the forest.

I have published five books on New Jersey history; four of those are picture books for the Images of America Series; Bordentown, Bordentown Revisited, Bordentown Postcards with my dear friend, the late Patti DeSantis, and New Egypt & Plumsted Township, published by Arcadia. The other is Major Fraser’s, a history of a house and the history it was witnessed.  Four books are true stories of hauntings and paranormal phenomena, Ghosts of Bordentown, Haunted Bordentown, Living with Ghosts, and my Ghostly Spirits in Warren County, North Carolina and Beyond. In addition, Life & Labyrinth is memoir and poetry, The Afternoon Crowd is poetic narrative, and A Nosegay of Violets is a memoir of my developing paranormal experiences. Lastly Simply Put is a collection of poetry.

Writing is as important to me as breathing. Any part of the psychic phenomena gift I have experienced comes down from my maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Urbanski Daniels. I pay homage to her and all my ancestors, especially the women.

14 responses to “About Arlene S. Bice

  1. Tammy Kube Perilli

    Love it!!! Hope you are well. I have been writing a lot lately. I am going to send you a couple of my writings and see what you think..



  2. Dana K. Murphy

    A distinct ‘fragrance’ from the Ocean Spray cranberry bogs down the road permeated our soccer field on warm afternoons.I was on a working scholarship my second year and was appointed head of Side Help, responsible for dishwashing following meals. I think there were 4-5 of us. The town movie theater was a popular place on Saturday afternoons when we weren’t at a sporting event or studying. Once in awhile, on a Friday night, a volunteer from the White House would take orders for hoagies, soda, doughnuts—, walk into town to shop, and we’d enjoy an early evening picnic of sorts. My first-year roommate, Chris Short, told me one morning at breakfast that he’d once consumed 22 pancakes. A few minutes later I decided to see how close I could get to that number. Well, 18 became my limit that day. And I managed to down 13 fried eggs one mornng. In retrospect, the food supply must have been limitless.This is if you’re still writing about the White House at Bordentown Military Institute. Dana K. Murphy ’58


    • Love it! Thank you for this. Yes, I’ve put the manuscript aside temporarily while I finish another project. So, yes, I’m still collecting stories about the White House. In particular, if anyone had seen or heard anything unusual or unexplainable. But I want to hear stories of normal living there also. If you have more to send, please do. Either here or to my email address: arlenebice1633@gmail.com


  3. Julia Crocker

    Arlene, I’m home nd my phone is working. Give me a call. Julia 434-3748590


  4. Hello, Arlene! Thank you for visit and reading today and for the follow.
    Denise aka GirlieOnTheEdge.


  5. Jayden Watkins

    Hello Arlene I need a publisher for my book! What is your email so I can email you?


  6. Wow! You’re fantastic! I wish to publish books someday, just like you… 🙂


  7. Sally Lane

    I love this! I wish that I had known about your writing when you were in Cortland – what wonderful conversations we would have had then! Writing is as important as breathing is to me – like you! We need to keep in touch between deadlines!


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