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From: What it is to be a Woman anthology- Gardner poem

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Never Underestimate a Woman ©LaVerne Carlo Gardner

life as a female

growing up in the south

was not always easy

was not always fun

there were many roles

there were many duties

from child to woman much too soon

from adolescent to caregiver much too young

must take care of family

little time to be a teenager

little time to date or socialize

there was one way out


become self-sufficient


there were happy times

family gatherings


birth of children and grandchildren

social events

there were sad times

death of childhood

death of parents

death of marriages

death of friends

death of lovers

death of a child

but through it all I prevailed

the strength of a woman

should never be underestimated

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Sealey Chapbk Challenge-10

Listen Up! Warren Artists Market

This is our first publication, 2013, a chapbook for the Senior Center Poets group.

We have published 7 anthologies since and have our 8th in the making.

One poem featured in this chapbook:

My African Prince, 1972 –by Carlo


when we first met,

on that hot day at the beach?


were you all wet!


lying there

 in the sun,

playing it cool.






from the sea.

Our eyes met.

I held my breath,

I must be dreaming.

This cannot be happening.

My heart is being captured

by this creature from the sea.

(LaVerne Gardner)

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More on the Drunken Sorceress

DSCF3180Nearly a year ago Thomas (Park) came up with the idea of putting together an anthology of poetry. Of course I said, “Good idea!”
So it began. We sent out invitations to writers we know across the country. Following is a list of the people whose talented words you will be reading in poem or prose form in Sitting with a Drunken Sorceress, the title poem of Thomas’.
D. Bernard Alston, Devonte’ Alston, Arlene S.Bice, Carrie Champion, Susanne Doucet, Rebecca Dutton, Otis Evans, LaVerne Gardner, Margaret Griffin, Elizabeth Groeger, Kate Guilford, Nancy Iak, Patricia Lapidus, ET Malone, Parker Mincey, Mary Ann Myers, Nancy Cassada Nelson, Eleanore Newbauer, Thomas Park,Jack Peachum, Gary Peterson, Abigail Pillitteri, Judith Prest, Mike Ranes, Thom Record, Kaylee A Roach, Seth Saeugling, Savannah Short, Mary Sullivan, Robert J. Surrette, Hilda Ward, Anita Merriweather Williams, Jyoti Wind,
We were working toward a totally unrealistic publishing date of June 2013, but then writers often work with fantasy. So we pushed the date ahead to September which could possibly have been attained. But alas, the little leprechaun that lives in my house, popped up to cause a few more road blocks. He likes me to know he is alive, well and in control.

Our dear friend, greatly talented artist JA Person was to have his original art work on the cover of the book. In between taking photos of his art work and getting his written permission, JA died. Suddenly. Out of respect for his talent and our friendship, we attempted to have someone in the family sign over one-time copyright for the piece. Sadly, his aging mother passed away shortly after.

We extended the deadline again to come up with new cover art. Next we planned a Holiday Season release just in time for gift-giving.

OMG! The ‘proof’ came back from the printers with the uncorrected copyright page showing JA’s name. Uh-oh. The manuscript had to go back to the printer with the correct information. Uh-oh. The second ‘proof’ was not corrected, either.

Now, surely, Sitting with a Drunken Sorceress will be available for purchasing before the new year.

Hmmmm. I wonder about that drunken sorceress.


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