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Last year in an IWWG conference poetry workshop of Marj Hahn’s

we wrote from postcards of original paintings:


arlene sandra bice

brilliant yellow in a living urban landscape

where color shows up to reveal

special pocket spaces indicating




are bringing life to a city setting

the creatives gather, cluster, whisper

vibrant partnerships form, friendships, really

latching on as extensions of self

easy to spot, these oases of art, poetry, music

colors abound, signage, posters, murals

in the unlikeliest places, just emerge

unplanned, fed, watered, nurtured

suffering? yes, those who try too hard

seeking perfection; art is life

with scars showing character

your choice, enjoy or no

absorb the blues

taste the reds

seek the yellows

notes fly out as the doors open

flooding the golden light

onto the sidewalks

where it leaks over the curb

into the street bleeding away

spreading love

leaving spots of life on a blue-

blackened night




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blog 006.JPG It’s time for greeting cards to be sent out. It matters not which holiday you celebrate; Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Chanukah, Happy New Year, and maybe others that I am unfamiliar. I save most of the cards I receive (all with the hand-painted envelopes) and enjoy them again later. . . maybe even years later. Here is my take on it all.

Greeting cards from long ago
written by a familiar hand
declaring feelings of
someone now gone

Cards with a personal note
wonderful to read years later
encouraging, reassuring
remembering dear friendships

Note cards with thank you
sent for some little thing
or maybe some thing big
a long-forgotten thoughtfulness

Hand-made cards sent
designed with loving care
expressly with me in mind
treasures to keep forever

Cards spark memories
always dear, loving, caring
before good times turn to bad
or in times of sorrow, so sad

I remove cards from the box
sketch the graphics
into my daily journal
re-living a happy moment

And then there is Celeste
who paints the envelope
to match the card inside
giving the carrier some cheer
and me over and over again

It isn’t whether the cards are large
fancy, or expensive
it’s always, it’s the words
written from the heart
communicating sentiment


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Writers & Poets Anthology

Writers need writers. Though we ply our craft alone, in between writing sessions, we need other writers. Today, when we cannot gather on sidewalk cafes or in coffee houses, we can come together via the internet. No need to go totally alone in the still-new century.

One recent gathering of writers & poets has pooled talents to present, Sitting with a Drunken Sorceress, Poems & Prose to invite you, excite you, & delight you. This anthology is a collection of poetry & prose from writers across the country; a simmering pot of races, ethnic heritage, age, gender, and seasoning.

You’ll see a smattering of ART, feel the emotions of LIFE, the PASSION roiling around inside us, why we do the WRITING, and the dreams & nightmares of THE UNDER 30 CROWD.


PS: The photo is NOT the Sorceress, it’s my psychic, sleepy cat Lizzie who loves it when I read poetry to her.

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The Eyes of Writers & Artists

Finding a subject to write about comes from the many different things that we look at. It is the seeing what we look at and putting it into words that that makes us writers; like an artist sees objects differently than those who are not artists. They see the greens, yellows, pinks, and blues in a tree trunk where the average person may see only a brown tree trunk.

During a recent writing group session Maggie Chalifoux brought in a couple of her abstract paintings and we all wrote very different responses to them. Our various responses came from seeing the same painting but bringing our own experiences and inner thoughts to the writing piece. This is the poem I wrote to explain what I saw.

Life Magic Through My Eyes
(inspired by a Maggie Chalifoux abstract painting)

As the mist rises up
droplets float down
the world responds
with motion and life
as seasons change

one feeding the other
waters lap the shore
birthing trees and greenery
creating movement
of days into night

wrapping the earth like
Mother Nature’s loving arms.
Arlene S. Bice ©2013

*** I recently received notice of the new website listed here of a long-time friend, Jyoti Wind, who is an experienced astrologer, shaman, published writing leader and homeopathic consultant. Please check out her website if any of these subjects appeals to you.

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I Came Upon This Door

Our recent program “A Gathering of Artists & Poets” was a huge success with 59 people in attendance. This is one of my paintings with poem to compliment it. Please enjoy.


I Came Upon This Door

When roaming a medieval town
I came upon this door,
by accident, I thought
tucked into
a hidden lane
a short distance away,
it summoned me
come closer, enter after knocking

I remembered it, but how? I have never been here before

The lamp bid me as welcome
as a candle in a window
it felt familiar
as I paused
letting my senses
to warn or
to comfort I did not know.

But I felt I had been here before, a long, long time ago.

The knocker beckoned
my hand to grasp
let it fall,
send echoes
down the hall
of stone
secretive, empty

with stories to tell of other times amidst this forgotten pall

As memories came to mind
visions of men, women
revealed to me,
I wondered
what string or crumbs
brought me here
to revive
those stories of long ago

of those folks, kindred who must not be left, thoughtlessly, behind

Arlene S. Bice, © 2013

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The Art of Klimpt & More


ImageAnything that mentions Gustav Klimpt catches my attention. From there I follow the thread from one thing to another, then find a movie and go there to  learn more. This time the movie was about Alma Mahler Gropius Werfel (nee Schindler) who I believe was related to Klimpt. Her story enraptured me.

The Bride of the Wind is that movie and I have enjoyed viewing it several times over the years. Each time I watch it, I see something I haven’t noticed before. To me, that’s a sign of a really good movie.

It’s a true story set in Victorian Vienna, the city that inspired many great artists of music, architecture, fine art, and literature. It also inspired Alma as she later in life became the famous composer she dreamed of when she was young, but not allowed to be,

Jonathan Pryce plays the role of her first husband, the famous Viennese composer Gustav Mahler. His compositions are still recorded and played today. The ruggedly handsome Vincent Perez plays the role of Oskar Kokaschka, painter of the real Bride of the Wind with his usual intense presence. Oskar’s painting is full of passion, in all blues, very different from the one shown here on the cover of the DVD, which is presented in the style of Klimpt. Seeing Perez in this movie led me to buy another of his films, Swept from the Sea. The thread goes on.

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The Kiss of Gustav Klimpt


The painting draws my attention

like a casual stroller at the lower left hand

corner of the local garden.

The softly draped yellows and flecks of color

falling from their shoulders,

while kneeling, down to their feet

where hers are bound by ropes of gold,

making her flight impossible.

My eyes gaze upward to the fold of their robes

blending in, one with the other,

then I notice her face turned away

from his kiss placed so tenderly

on her cheek.

Boredom is her expression;


the adored one,


no passion there.

His hands cup her face,


his neck bends

to kiss

his beloved.

Her arm circles

his shoulder,

hanging on

while the other

pushes him away.

Stars are in her hair



the absence of

stars in her eyes.    © Arlene S. Bice, 2008

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