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2015-9-4 FFP
The September First Friday continues to exceed my expectations! I thought that the holiday weekend would bring us a small group dedicated to our efforts of bringing poetry and oral expression to Warren County. Instead, the Warren Food Works (WFW) was packed with a diverse crowd from 18 to 80 mingling, enjoying each other while eating, drinking, and soaking up the words cast out into the atmosphere.

A wide range of poetic subjects seeping from the hearts of writers-Warren County writers, and Virginia writers, too, silenced the room with absorption. The always-welcome songs sung so beautifully by Shavon Russell Jones and afterwards, her sister, (forgive me I didn’t get her name.) A big surprise to everyone when volunteer from behind the bar, Cris Hunter ended the evening with the most beautiful rendition of Nature Boy. It brought some tears for the beauty of it. Their voices were like melted chocolate, velvety smooth and mesmerizing to everyone.

Miranda Medlin offered a stirring presentation, taking all into her realm. Devonte, a poet from our last year anthology Sitting with a Drunken Sorceress gave us his words and Travis Bullock continues to bring people in just to hear what he has to tell us.

So many others came to read, to share thoughts, feelings, and to merely listen. It was a very full night; a night to show Thomas Park what his dream has wrought; a night to make him proud for all his efforts.

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a forever feeling

from: Sitting with a Drunken Sorceress
It is nearly here, books are expected to be available in a week or two.

a forever feeling

Words written
have a forever feeling,
a deeper meaning
that goes on and on
that outlives the writer
a word written on paper
is etched in stone
to be found centuries later,
read and enjoyed or wept over.

The word spoken
is thrown out
to the wind
to carry it away
can leave a scar
to be remembered
but it doesn’t last forever,
a word spoken softly
to soothe and caress
may be felt for the moment
but flies away into the air
soon forgotten by the speaker.

Ah, but the word written
to enter our dreams
to carve us,
brings a tender tear
falls upon the breast
soaking into the heart; it stays.

A word written binds
like your washing of another’s hands,
gently, caressing
as the soap cleans; scents the skin
seeping into the flesh
to stay as the memory
of that other touch rubs deeply
into that space in you
that no one knows is there.

The written word can be revisited
again and again a treasure
to tease,
to awaken a sleeping moment,

Arlene S. Bice (C)

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Writers & Poets Anthology

Writers need writers. Though we ply our craft alone, in between writing sessions, we need other writers. Today, when we cannot gather on sidewalk cafes or in coffee houses, we can come together via the internet. No need to go totally alone in the still-new century.

One recent gathering of writers & poets has pooled talents to present, Sitting with a Drunken Sorceress, Poems & Prose to invite you, excite you, & delight you. This anthology is a collection of poetry & prose from writers across the country; a simmering pot of races, ethnic heritage, age, gender, and seasoning.

You’ll see a smattering of ART, feel the emotions of LIFE, the PASSION roiling around inside us, why we do the WRITING, and the dreams & nightmares of THE UNDER 30 CROWD.


PS: The photo is NOT the Sorceress, it’s my psychic, sleepy cat Lizzie who loves it when I read poetry to her.

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