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Daniels-Urbanski Tree
  1. Zoom writing/poetry workshops online, they make life easier while bringing people together who otherwise may not be able.
  2. Online writing connections through SSS and TTOT and Sealey Chapbook Challenge.
  3. Ditto
  4. Ditto
  5. Online reading poetry aloud, which enables me to meet other poets from far away places.
  6. Summer rainy, grey days feed my soul, allow me to go within, pull out the deep thoughts.
  7. Crockpots. I love my crockpot because I don’t have to interrupt my writing hours to make something to eat when I’m hungry. I only have to lift the lid and clean up later.
  8. Heartland on Netflix. I’m a relative newbie to Netflix thanks to a friend. I could watch this series for the scenic beauty of western Canada alone. Add the joy of watching horses run, work, play. Wow.  Add good writing scripts and good acting. Wow. I’m addicted.
  9. The relative ease of researching ancestors online compared  to the pre-internet days
  10. For my ancestors who have interesting histories and are still giving.


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Random Act of Poetry Day

Grandfather Harry Daniels, Rachel Ann Daniels Philkill, Mahlon Philkill
Arlene Sandra Bice
Pre-internet years-chasing down the paper trail;
census, taxes, death certificates, birth, marriage,
and divorce. Name changes for many reasons.

Finding parents info, for they’ve been gone,
rarely spoke of their parentage or heritage;
information long gone before me.

Their grandparents-an interesting layer of ancestry,
coming & going, who is who, enlistments, uniforms,
cavalry, War Between the States; desertion, why?

A few stories remain, questions stay unanswered;
family secrets hide in dark corners. digging, digging, digging,

Filling in details, personalities emerge, talents, failings,
lies told, for what reason, what were their lives like,
what was happening in their world to influence their

Ah-h-h, history revealed, folded into daily life as it was.

I found a source of my genes, a mirror to hold up,
career, marriages, adventures, a survivor of life, self-made,
keeper of the keys.

It was in a public library, where the original Wills & Testaments
of Rachel Ann Daniels and her mother Sarah Ann Martin
were brought forth; holding the original documents in my hands,
touching the paper they held a hundred years ago.

Unembarrassed, I wept; tears streaming; my roots exposed at last.

This is who I am and where I come from.

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