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pspoetry Day 15 the tree

The Tree-arlene s bice

In my walk in the wood

It calls to me

The tree

Tilted, inelegant

Its wounds showing

Survived, yet again

A beauty of its own,

Waking from winter’s rest

Buds bursting

Leaves filling out

In dark greens and light

Dressing its bones

With a spring outfit

Birds nesting

Offering a symphony

A hug is appropriate.

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pspoetry Day 14 apology

What if?

Clarence & What If? -arlene s bice

While you waited at the front door

With your heart on your sleeve, in love

Mom held you in place, listening

As I went out the back door

Coward that I was, unexperienced

In matters of the heart at 13

My deepest apologies to you

Never having seen you since

Though you came to visit again

When I was gone away,

But received news, you matured

Handsome in your military uniform

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful life

So sorry for my poor behavior

yet cannot help

Wondering What if?

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Haiku April 13 2022

Lover’s Glen before it was renamed David’s Chamber, personal photo of lisa tomey

For the Wednesday poetry challenge which will also be my poem for National Poetry Month, Day 13, I am to choose a favorite place or natural place and write a Haiku. So, here goes. Thank you to Lisa Bolin of the Garden of Neuro Institute for the inspiration.

fresh waterfall view
collect in soul memories
viewed in my recall

This is one of many inspirational poetry and writing prompts which come from the Garden of Neuro Institute. This is a place for women empowering women.

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pspoetry Day 13 Grateful for. . .

People & Books- arlene s bice

People, like books, came into my life

Some to stay, some to leave early

A few people caused heartaches

Most were full of love and joy

They all touched me deeply

Taught me many lessons

Lead me to places

I needed to go


To me.

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pspoetry Day 12 seasons & people

Seasons -arlene s bice

Spring and youth burst forth, full of energy

Promise, overflowing with bright ideas

Summer moseys in with a slowed pace

Tempering those ideas, soothing

Autumn refines, reflects, savors

Appreciates, satisfies what truly is

The inner person emerges, colorful

Winter finds contentment, a warm fire

Chases away doubts, fears, emptiness.   

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pspoetry Day 11 a sonnet

Summer is Coming

Shakespeare wrote about a summer’s day

He made it romantically sound

Like you could enjoy it any way

When sunshine did abound

But summer, to me, at least

Means sulky, way-too-hot weather

To suffer through a heated feast

While walking through the heather

So shall I enjoy the summer season

Afternoons that are too, too hot

Give me some rhyme or reason

To suffer too much sunshine, or not

I choose to stay inside the house

Air conditioned and fully doused.

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pspoetry Day 10 Just Desserts

Grandmother Daniels’ Dishes 1910

And Then Dessert -arlene s bice

Mom’s cooking

filled our house with love

crystal stemware, cut glass

the good silver, candelabra lit

guests at table, gift box chocolates

fancy, decorated cakes, cookies piled

pies depending on the season, yet always

Lemon Meringue Pie like no other, ever

filled with a lemon curd, meringue tips

browned until they weeped a wee bit

served on Grandmother’s Daniels’

delicate dishes from 1910.


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pspoetry Day 9 Spring

Spring lights up life

like candles on a birthday cake

birthing wishes, hopes, fresh

new, sweet dreams of promise

quick, before summer heat

saturates every little thing, slows down all progress.

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Ten Things of Thankful

Field of Daisies

TTOT 22.04.08.

  1. It’s April Poetry Month!
  2. So far I have been able to write and post a poem a day for pspoetry.
  3. I so grateful to be back to normal, whatever my normal is.
  4. Lovely weather restoring my energy.
  5. Binaural beats healing music on You Tube. Great for my lungs.
  6. No fee for You Tube music and lots of other opportunities.
  7. My newest publication of Running with the Horses memoir.
  8. My latest memoir was pure joy to write. I relived happy times while writing it.
  9. My first order of Running with the Horses sold out. Second order due on Monday.
  10. I’m bursting with thankfuls!


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pspoetry Day 8 love recipe of 3 ingredients

 Love’s Recipe

To Love is to respect

With humor reflect

Joy is yours to expect

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