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pspoetry-Day 24 write about loss

Loss- arlene s bice

After those I loved have gone

places are found in my heart for them

to remain forever, always with me

never apart, until our reunion

with joy in the afterlife.

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pspoetry Day 14 apology

What if?

Clarence & What If? -arlene s bice

While you waited at the front door

With your heart on your sleeve, in love

Mom held you in place, listening

As I went out the back door

Coward that I was, unexperienced

In matters of the heart at 13

My deepest apologies to you

Never having seen you since

Though you came to visit again

When I was gone away,

But received news, you matured

Handsome in your military uniform

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful life

So sorry for my poor behavior

yet cannot help

Wondering What if?

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Guest poet Deanie Carter -If I Can, with Love

Today is a day for a guest to have her poetry featured on my blog. Deanie Carter was born in Skippers, Virginia. She is a double jointed contortionist that at 61 years old, performed on television. She has won gymnast competitions and is a cancer survivor who has been writing poetry since she was eight. When she won the Golden Poet Award in 1987, she traveled to Las Vegas to receive it.


Her poetry has been published in Quail Books, Coming Home Magazine, other publications and lately featured in Listen Up! a chapbook that is the result of writing sessions at the Warren County Senior Center, sponsored by the Warren Artist’s Market (WAM). We’re talking North Carolina here.

If I Can, with Love

If I can touch your life with love on this day
Maybe I can be blessed in another way
If I can bring a smile to you
Maybe you’ll be forever blessed, too
If I can bring joy in reaching out to others
Then I will give a message to my
Sisters and brothers
If I can bring words to relax the mind
Maybe you will be glad to see me most anytime
If I can give words of inspiration this day
I know God would want it no other way
If I can do a favor without pay
Maybe I can rest in heaven someday
© Deanie Carter

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