Gratefulness in these times

Now at the end of a month full of COVID-19 following a month of the same, there is so much to be grateful for. Here are 10 more on the list that may seem trivial but are not.

  1. Work that comes from writing.
  2. Guidelines about Corona virus that keeps me healthy.
  3. Early morning walks when the streets and park are empty.
  4. Ability to cut my own hair without freaking.
  5. Good cozy British mysteries to tickle my brain for clues.
  6. Facebook that keeps me in touch when I can’t be there.
  7. Zoom, as it opens the gate for gatherings.
  8. My crockpot that makes cooking easy.
  9. Iced coffee in warm weather, better than hot in cold weather.
  10. Adult coloring books leading me back to painting watercolors.


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12 responses to “Gratefulness in these times

  1. Kristi

    I don’t think there is anything trivial about being able to settle into a safe, comforting routine. (I love the photo of the built-in bookcases, by the way!)
    Thanks for joining the TToT this week! 🙂


  2. Thanks for your comment Kristi. My last move 4 years ago, i had to downsize my bookcases from 7 to 3. It was very hard to part with those books even though they went to many good homes.


  3. Pat Brockett

    It has been a lot of years since I cut my own hair, and at this point in my life it would be quite the challenge. Meanwhile it just keeps getting thicker and longer. HaHa. When I am able to venture into a beauty parlor they will have their work cut out for them.
    I am becoming a little more educated about using Zoom, but I have a ways to go.
    Glad you joined in with your thankfuls!


    • I started cutting my hair after paying a good fee for a haircut that was embarrassing and i don’t embarrass easily. At least if it is a bad cut, i didn’t pay for it. hahaha.
      yes, zoom is a wonderful answer that showed up just in time.


  4. I can’t imagine not writing, even in an unshared journal.


  5. Before i began to write, i kept notes….guess it was a hint to myself of what was to come. Thanks for commenting.


  6. Sounds like a slice of heaven!


  7. You remind me of the simple art of coloring. I should revisit that hobby.


  8. What an excellent TToT… (I’ve always admired those writers who can express volumes while keeping things direct and to the point*)
    Have a good week.

    *as an ambition I have a goal, as the asterisk implies, I have a ways to go.


  9. Thank you for your comment and good luck with your goal….keep going forward.


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