six sentence story~passion

Sitting in front of my computer I began to deflate, almost crumbling into a fetal position in a chair, if that is possible. It seemed like yesterday that I began with excitement, enthusiasm and pure joy to be writing this story that was building a fire within me for what seemed like a lifetime. For sure it was a lifetime because there were so many bits and pieces of me scattered throughout the words that lay on the page after page after page unfolding before me.

Ocean Sunset ~ the late Juanita Crosby

The excitement of something new and challenging changed in time to plodding along with questions burning inside me; like should I include this or would it be better left out. The plodding along changed to struggling, feeling like pushing a ball uphill, not being able to see the sun setting on the horizon to complete this all-consuming project. Finally the flow of words fizzled down to a few that stumbled along until I tapped the last letter of the last word and my passion died a heavyweight dead, letting me know it was over.


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19 responses to “six sentence story~passion

  1. Are you writing in my mind? So many times, I start and feel such passion and then it just dries up like the last leaf of a hot fall day, burning to the universe. When I come back to it after a break it opens up to the light again. At least I hope it does. Otherwise, I rake leaves until more passion builds.


  2. I think it is part of creativity. thanks. Too late i realized i’m a day early..

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  3. UP

    current events and my health issues right now have quelled my passion to write. every word is a struggle

    the painting is however, inspiring.


  4. Pat Brockett

    Sometimes life itself stirs up the word pot and other times it buries it for a while. Even writers can benefit from taking a break when and if that is possible, even if it is just staring at a picture of the ocean, rather than the real thing. Writer’s block is real.


  5. don’cha hate it when that happens?
    I suspect it comes with the territory and those of us who choose to explore the land of words and stories


  6. It’s okay to let it rest. Revisit and revise later.


  7. Ah, leave the critic of should i/shouldn’t i out until the writing is done. Get the passion on the page first, then go back and look dispassionately after the ardor has cooled.


  8. Make room for me, lol. It’s extremely frustrating beginning a piece, believing you’ve everything you need, until you hit that brick wall. Or, worse, when you suddenly feel as if inspiration has completely evaporated. Thank goodness it is a temporary state 🙂


  9. I’ve started so many stories that have come to a halt. I’ve saved them all and maybe perhaps I should revisit them.


  10. Forcing the thoughts out word by word, an agonizing process and nothing but relief when it’s over. You speak for us all.


  11. A good and honest study of how stories explode passionately in our heads, then struggle to make it to the page. It’s quite a let down when it happens, but often we find our fire again – even if means just putting it aside for some time to simmer, or adapting it into something new, or starting again with something different. No writing is ever a failure; it’s an opportunity for us to explore our ideas.


  12. Stories explode and explore our ideas…..i like that. thanks.


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