six sentence story-RIGHT

Arlene S Bice

So we could have argued because I knew he was in the wrong, even though he explained it to me exactly as he saw the situation.  He repeated it over and over as if that would make it all clear to me and how he saw it was the only way.  I kept quiet and let my mind run around the whole story he was telling me with such passion and earnestness pouring out of his expressions and the words he used so carefully.

There were a couple different choices before me that I was pondering to use in my answer to him as he waited and paced in circles so impatiently.  Caution, I was using extreme caution searching for the words I wanted to use to convey my thoughts without crushing his enthusiasm.  No longer could I hold out or keep my thoughts from him because he would be frothing at the mouth if I waited any longer before saying something that would nurture him without my needing to be RIGHT.

Afterthought: so many people in the cemetery swore they were right.


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12 responses to “six sentence story-RIGHT

  1. UP

    We often need to be right at the expense of our happiness. This was well done, very visual – I could see it happening. Great job.


  2. You ‘get’ it. A lesson i learned from early habits. I value your opinion. Thank you.


  3. Pat Brockett

    A great thing to consider – “saying something that would nurture him without my needing to be RIGHT”
    A lesson that would benefit many.


  4. Not everyone is so thoughtful as to try and word a response without hurting another’s feelings or making it obvious they are in the wrong.


  5. I too have learned over the years to pick my words, sometimes with great caution.


  6. Wisdom earned, maybe? Thanks for your comment and for reading.


  7. Admitting, or being wary of that need to be right is a mature step in the right direction. And, if he is wrong, let him go ahead and prove it.


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