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SSS ~ Line

I drove up to the bank where 3 lanes sported OPEN signs and of course I chose the lane to the far right where there are no cars over the closest lane that dealt with the teller direct which had 4 cars waiting and over the middle lane that had 2 cars waiting.

Clear logic told me to drive to the empty lane so I didn’t have to waste time, gasoline and patience waiting in line.

I placed my bank business in the tube, heard it go whoosh and then wondered how it could be possible that I sat there and watched each car in the other lanes as they finished their business and drove off before my receipt thunked back down to me as I waited where there was no line.

My next stop was the grocery store where I zoomed around to pick up the 3 things I needed, zipped into the lane where only 1 person was being checked out.

I glanced over to the registers to see if I had chosen the right line if you could call 1 person a line and saw at least 3 people in each line with carts piled high with everything in them.

I nearly let out a jungle roar in frustration as I watched those other shoppers get checked, paid their bills, got bagged up, and wheeled their carts to the door while the lady in front of me continued to argue with the checker about her credit card was good and there was really no reason why it shouldn’t have worked!


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Six Sentence Story ~ Gulf

Key Largo

We cruised along the Overseas Highway deep into the Gulf. Water, water was everywhere.  Water was all we could see until we pulled onto Key Largo where we mutated into Bogie & Bacall. We swam, danced, dined. He wet his whistle. In the morning it was over.


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