Six Sentence Story ~ Gulf

Key Largo

We cruised along the Overseas Highway deep into the Gulf. Water, water was everywhere.  Water was all we could see until we pulled onto Key Largo where we mutated into Bogie & Bacall. We swam, danced, dined. He wet his whistle. In the morning it was over.


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18 responses to “Six Sentence Story ~ Gulf

  1. Bogie and Bacall. Excellent!


  2. UP

    Very vivid. Easy to imagine one is there. Good six.


  3. Sounds good to me! Beach, dancing, dinner…bring it 😀


  4. Pat Brockett

    A very picturesque SSS! Nice mutation.


  5. Something to be said about heading back home. Nicely done.


  6. thank you and thanks for introducing me to 6 sentences.


  7. A great day at the beach and then back to reality. Whistful but nice.


  8. Well that was short and sweet. (the Six and the encounter)


    • As a newcomer i now realize that everyone else is purposely using long sentences. I will adapt! Thanks for stopping by.

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      • No! I meant that as a compliment to the writing. The syntax of this Six fit your story, which I thought was cool. Effective. There are no rules beyond six sentences, and even then it can become six stanzas, or six lines…
        Sometimes the prompt word is a real focus and sometimes it is merely included. Just go with it, each week, six ??? at a time.


  9. Thanks for your input and your reassurance D. I’m really enjoying this challenge.


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