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What it is to be a Woman

Featured author:

The House of She    – Ellie Newbauer                                           

It’s a curiosity,                                                                             

Where all these Shes come from                                                  

Who rent space inside the house of me

Where do they stay through the day

As they peek from behind the curtain of my mind

Waiting to show their idiosyncrasies

I am a house full of acquaintances 

Each one hiding behind their title,

Wife, Mother, Friend, Teacher, Artist, Monk,

So many more

All faces nodding to one another in passing

Occasionally a purposeful-She

Will stride forward demanding that

This minute serve her alone as others

Hide behind their imaginary walls

read the rest of the poem in:

What it is to be a Woman

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six sentence story~passion

Sitting in front of my computer I began to deflate, almost crumbling into a fetal position in a chair, if that is possible. It seemed like yesterday that I began with excitement, enthusiasm and pure joy to be writing this story that was building a fire within me for what seemed like a lifetime. For sure it was a lifetime because there were so many bits and pieces of me scattered throughout the words that lay on the page after page after page unfolding before me.

Ocean Sunset ~ the late Juanita Crosby

The excitement of something new and challenging changed in time to plodding along with questions burning inside me; like should I include this or would it be better left out. The plodding along changed to struggling, feeling like pushing a ball uphill, not being able to see the sun setting on the horizon to complete this all-consuming project. Finally the flow of words fizzled down to a few that stumbled along until I tapped the last letter of the last word and my passion died a heavyweight dead, letting me know it was over.


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Gratefulness in these times

Now at the end of a month full of COVID-19 following a month of the same, there is so much to be grateful for. Here are 10 more on the list that may seem trivial but are not.

  1. Work that comes from writing.
  2. Guidelines about Corona virus that keeps me healthy.
  3. Early morning walks when the streets and park are empty.
  4. Ability to cut my own hair without freaking.
  5. Good cozy British mysteries to tickle my brain for clues.
  6. Facebook that keeps me in touch when I can’t be there.
  7. Zoom, as it opens the gate for gatherings.
  8. My crockpot that makes cooking easy.
  9. Iced coffee in warm weather, better than hot in cold weather.
  10. Adult coloring books leading me back to painting watercolors.


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six sentence story-RIGHT

Arlene S Bice

So we could have argued because I knew he was in the wrong, even though he explained it to me exactly as he saw the situation.  He repeated it over and over as if that would make it all clear to me and how he saw it was the only way.  I kept quiet and let my mind run around the whole story he was telling me with such passion and earnestness pouring out of his expressions and the words he used so carefully.

There were a couple different choices before me that I was pondering to use in my answer to him as he waited and paced in circles so impatiently.  Caution, I was using extreme caution searching for the words I wanted to use to convey my thoughts without crushing his enthusiasm.  No longer could I hold out or keep my thoughts from him because he would be frothing at the mouth if I waited any longer before saying something that would nurture him without my needing to be RIGHT.

Afterthought: so many people in the cemetery swore they were right.


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Six Sentence Story-ETERNAL

Umbrella Jane

I scurry around quickly picking up exactly what I need while shopping at Costco in this strange atmosphere of where everyone wears a mask and keeping a 6-feet distance from each other.

Sometimes that means using extreme patience waiting for another to finish in the area that I want to step into for what I want to buy.

In silence they nod to me that they are finished now moving away and I nod a ‘thank you’ nod in return trying to smile politely behind my mask.

I think a particular thought process hanging in the air is working because I notice that no one has been rude or inconsiderate.

When I leave the store by way of the crates they have piled up to guide shoppers in and out of the store with as little interaction as possible, the drizzle of rain that began in my journey today has turned into serious rain falling.

I pop my umbrella open charging forward to my car, open the rear hatch and begin unloading my cart with one hand while holding the umbrella with the other until a masked woman approached me, holding her umbrella over me so I could load my car with much more ease tells me kindness is alive , healthy and ETERNAL


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Six Sentence Story- WATCH

Kenneth Bice Morrison

The navy shipped the body of my first born son home to our friendly neighborhood undertaker on a 4th of July weekend.

A numbness covered me as I just agreed to whatever his assistant suggested we do for a wake service that he would direct and take care of the details before I halted him at wanting to have an open casket because there were no  marking on my son’s face from his car accident that took his life on a rainy Wednesday night.

Oh, no, I was not ready to face the fact that my son would no longer be calling me with his adventurous stories or sending me a birthday card and mother’s day card as he always did along with a sweet note to make it personal.

I figured I would take it slow and easy in accepting that fact because there was no rush now was there.

His pea coat hung on the trim around my living room doorway where I could see it and pass it several times a day for months on end, driving the stakes of memory into my heart, but the final irritation that drove me near crazy was his watch laying on the roll top desk with the band broken, my son’s head broken but the damn thing kept running.

How does that happen?


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Six Sentence Story ~ Gulf

Key Largo

We cruised along the Overseas Highway deep into the Gulf. Water, water was everywhere.  Water was all we could see until we pulled onto Key Largo where we mutated into Bogie & Bacall. We swam, danced, dined. He wet his whistle. In the morning it was over.


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a new challenge. . .6 sentences PROMPT WORD: BRIDGE


We crossed the ancient stone bridge still in good repair after a century. It led us onto the path that led up to the crumbling castle of olden days. First we roamed over the tumbled stones of the castle. It brought back the memories of previous lives lived.  Afterwards we spread our quilt and laid out a romantic lunch. We talked about those recovered memories over our spread of wine, cheese, and rosemary bread.

 Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word.

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Day 30 ~ write something that returns ~

Spring Returns ~ arlene s bice

new life happens, year after year

Summer heat weakens my knees

struggles, disappointments, rejections

Autumn comes over the horizon

warning of what is ahead, life is dying

leaves turning dark red, brown

goals not met, bumps in the road

Winter arrives on schedule, cold

snowy winds blow through my coat

bleak, despair, gloomy, failure

ah, nothing died, just a cozy sleep

a returning Spring lightens my step

as the ocean wave meets the shore

my heart, bursts with love and life

new challenges awaken my senses

Spring returns eternally!

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Day 29! about a pet…cats reading

Books & Cats ~ arlene s bice

Violet & Daisy of the Magical Bookshop

in Cascade Springs, New York

have their tuxedo cat, Emerson

Darla of the Black Cat Bookshop

in Brooklyn, New York

has her pure black Hamlet

Charlie Harris good-natured librarian

in Athena, Missisippi

has his rescued Maine Coon cat

Minnie Hamilton of the Bookmobile

cruises in Chilson, Michigan

with her rescue cat Eddie

even literary agent Jane Stuart

in the  New York publishing world

has her tortoiseshell cat Winky

By the Book @ U & I Gift Shop

in Bordentown, New Jersey

lived Jane & Lizzie Bennet

charming namesake sisters of

Pride & Prejudice fame

Jane, a black & white Manx

with no tail & high haunches

 also called a Lady because

she was, tho adventurous

a huntress, clever, smart

v-e-r-y smart

younger sister Lizzie,  tiny calico

walked delicately like a ballerina

purred as the perfect feminine feline

born with a two inch tail, kinked

opted who she cozied up to

both rescued cats of feral mom & dad

loved being in the display window of books

delighted the early morning walkers

basking in the cooing and ah-h-h ing

never disturbed or knocked over a book

loved to lay on the newspaper i was reading

curled up in front of the faux fireplace in

the reading area of the bookshop

amazed at the Christmas decorations

throughout, never broke an ornament

careful, appreciative, loving, content

sad to leave it all behind, yet looking

forward to a new adventure in

Macon, North Carolina, happy to be

where i was, big windows to watch

the deer, rabbits, fox, turkeys

still surrounded by books & art

filling the walls, a real fireplace

to curl up in front of, house

 spirits to play with,  a new life to live

more than pets, we talked together

i read to them, they purred in answers

we ate together, slept in the same big bed

even saw spirits moving through our home.

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