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  1. Snow. A light snowfall that probably won’t last but seems to cleanse the world around me. My world, my country needs that cleansing right now.
  2. That the poison of the Republican party has risen to the surface and revealed itself to those last few who wouldn’t believe it existed. Now a cleansing of that party can begin.
  3. The present person in the White House is finally leaving, hopefully in a straight-jacket with duct tape over his rather big mouth. May his children follow him out the door.
  4. That the incoming president has the wisdom to select many women and people of various ethnic backgrounds to fulfill the positions surrounding him.
  5. That I have the freedom to write what I believe without recourse.
  6. Hooray for Simon & Shuster for withdrawing a book contract from Josh Hawley resulting from his traitorous behavior shown online for all the world to witness.
  7. For all the writers who have the courage to publish their writing and their books.
  8. For the peace that follows the turmoil of riotous destruction.
  9. For the chance to rebuild.
  10. For the Americans who put themselves in harm’s way to help our country grow, straight, healthy, open-minded, and respectful of others.


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8 responses to “TTOT-21.01.08.

  1. Pat Brockett

    We didn’t have snow at our elevation this week, but seeing newly fallen snow has that same affect on me. I am glad you were able to have that feeling this week after all that happened.

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  2. Tough week, no?
    I’m with Pat (above)… except the part about the cold…. what? she didn’t mention the requirement for frozen water?
    Serially, a light snow, the day before temperatures get way, unseasonably warm isn’t a bad thing.

    Have the best week possible.


  3. Cleansing isn’t always easy:-) but healthy. The snowfall only lasted about an hour, lovely coming down, nothing on the ground so it was just a mood setter.


  4. We would love to see a simple dusting, if for no other purpose, the special peace it brings with it. And, I am right there with you for YAY for the clearing of the troublemakers in the big house. I hope it happens sooner rather than later. And I am most grateful for change.


  5. dyannedillon

    Terrific list, Arlene! I’m hoping to include Josh Hawley getting removed from his senate seat in a future TToT (to think Claire McCaskill lost to him – he is an embarrassment to our state!).
    I like snowfalls that cling to trees but don’t stick to streets!


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