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Some people seem to think it took forever for year 2020 to finally be over. But I take exception to that. It seems to me that as soon as I turn the calendar to the next month, time zips on by in a flash; it’s the 5th, the 15th and when the 25th comes, forget it, the month is gone!

I find that I cannot keep up because time is passing by so quickly. I wonder if it is because I am immersed in my work, because I am content with my life or if there is a reason I haven’t yet discovered. But I know that time is zipping away too fast.


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19 responses to “SSS-ZIP

  1. UP

    My life seems to be zipping by as well. Great six. Good points!


  2. True. Same here. Seems as soon as I hit age 30 life started to zip away.


  3. Time zips by for me as well. Even the unusual events couldn’t stop 2020 from zipping past for me.


  4. I read somewhere once that time does in fact o faster as we age. It’s math. A year for a 60 year old is one sixtieth of a life, a small proportion- fast. That year is one sixth for a six year old, large proportion- slow.


  5. Hey! Tell D. Avery I’ve heard that explanation as well… cool
    For me personally, for reasons uncertain, the acceleration of the perceived passage of time (in a given year) does not kick in until late April.
    Maybe there’s some sort of mental hibernation thing in my head.
    thought-provoking Six!


  6. Pat Brockett

    I’ve read the explanations about the quickening of time as one ages. I have no doubt that it is true. It can be frustrating at times but other times gives a big sigh of relief.


  7. It does pass too quickly. As busy as I keep I’m starting to cherish gaps in a more appreciable way.


  8. Jael Stevens

    I totally agree! All the trouble last year didn’t slow the calendar down at all.


  9. I’m constantly amazed and appalled how quickly time is passing. How is that possible?! “Zip” is an excellent adjective to describe this phenomena 😀


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