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I had much to ponder when my kids were young and needing gifts for the teachers to take to school for the Christmas season. There were more kids in the house than money in those days and they were all in the same school in kindergarten, second, fourth, and sixth grades. Actually, money was scarce for all the days until they grew into young men.

But that year I came across the directions on how to make attractive Christmas candles. This was a project they would enjoy participating in, so they crushed ice into chips as I heated the wax and dipped the wick into square, quart-sized empty (and washed) milk containers and filled them with  ice chips. Voila, when they cooled completely, I peeled off the carton paper, the water drained out and I had four, lacy Christmas candles to wrap for teacher gifts!


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17 responses to “SSS-WAX

  1. As I recall we used to make gifts as well for our teachers, but that was long ago. Candles at Christmas seem like an appropriate gift.


  2. UP

    Mom sent Avon to school for our teachers. She was a big fan.


  3. I remember making those in high school. Fun!


  4. Necessity is the mother of invention, right?! No doubt there are many parents who became talented inventors 😀


  5. Oh WOW, they sound Gorgeous!!


  6. huntfortheverybest

    Handmade gifts are the best!!


  7. dyannedillon

    I remember when we made a bunch of candles when I was in junior high. Pringles were new on the market, and the cans were lined with corrugated paper. My aunt taught us to make candles in the Pringles cans, and they were really cool looking!


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