so what if there is a pandemic

so what if beauty salons closed

so what if I face the big challenge

who cares what other people say

who is gonna see it anyway who, me – clip, clip, clip


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14 responses to “SSS- CLIP

  1. Great and so timely! I am getting ready to do the same.


  2. UP

    I thought of hair clippings, but alas, baldness abounds and I can’t identify! HA… Great six.


  3. It reminds me of the days when I used to clip my own hair.


  4. Go for it! Love this six. And so true the pandemic has caused some bad hair days and DIY trimming dilemmas.


  5. There have been many who have taken to cutting their own hair since the beginning of the year. All of them have more courage than I, lol


  6. Haha… Love the piece.
    I personally prefer to let my mom handle the clipping instead of doing it myself.


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