Ralph & Guy on Halloween
  1. Fun memories of my kids’ childhood Halloweens.
  2.  For Soul Tones from that start my day at the computer by listening to soothing, healing frequencies.  When I first began a couple years ago, my cat Lizzie’s health actually improved as my spirits lifted..
  3. Being able to express myself with the written word although inadequately sometimes.
  4. My dowsing crystal that guides me in making good decisions.
  5. Beautiful thoughts and words of others on Six Sentence Story posts.
  6. Frienships.
  7. My ereader and paperbound books. I love them both. They each have a place.
  8. Salmon cooked anyway or made into a salad..
  9. Seafood of all kinds.

Meditation, the word says volumes.


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2 responses to “TTOT-20.10.02.

  1. Awesome list! You use your words well.


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