Ralph & Guy Halloween
  1. Fun memories of my kids’ childhood Halloweens.
  2.  For Soul Tones from that start my day at the computer by listening to soothing, healing frequencies.  When I first began a couple years ago, my cat Lizzie’s health actually improved as my spirits lifted..
  3. Being able to express myself with the written word although inadequately sometimes.
  4. My dowsing crystal that guides me in making good decisions.
  5. Beautiful thoughts and words of others on Six Sentence Story posts.
  6. Frienships.
  7. My ereader and paperbound books. I love them both. They each have a place.
  8. Salmon cooked anyway or made into a salad..
  9. Seafood of all kinds.

Meditation, the word says volumes.


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18 responses to “TTOT-20.10.02.

  1. Kristi

    I have been vegetarian for the past several years, but on the rare occasions I have eaten meat during that time, has been salmon or other seafood. YUM!

    Books, friendship, writing, being still–all lovely things.


  2. thanks. I’m not vegetarian but rarely eat meat. another year or two and i will probably be vegetarian.


  3. The ability to be still and listen to healing frequencies sure is something to be grateful for. So is the ability to express yourself. Great gratefuls!


  4. I love salmon!
    And the Halloween costumes in the photo are amazing.


  5. I agree with number 7. I hope paperbound books never go away like scrolls did.


  6. my kindle is one of the un-alloyed benefits of modern tech… if for no other reason than I can read in bed, with one hand! lol
    Have a good week


  7. I agree and i love the black background i recently stumbled onto. it makes long time reading so much easier on the eyes!


  8. Looking back at photo of kids and grandkids, no matter the occasion, is always fun.
    Given a choice, most times I prefer soothing, calming music, especially when trying to fully concentrate on something.
    I think I have tried using smoked salmon in tossed green salads.
    I hope you have a great week.


  9. Thank you for commenting…..enjoy.


  10. I share sweet memories of Halloween with my children. I made their costumes and it was always so much fun. They remember too. ♥️ I just listen to a couple of the music tunes you shared the link for Comet and it’s truly beautiful! Two of my cats were mesmerized by it, and we shall listen to more. Thank you!

    I started six sentence stories several years ago. Zoe picked it up from me, and then passed it on to Denise who is doing a fabulous job of keeping it going, And I am delighted to see so many participants. What I enjoy most is that people with all levels of writing skills interact and encourage each other, you don’t have to be a professional to share there, thankfully!!

    Funny you should mention salmon, I just finished baking some in the oven that will be turned into salmon patties for supper, one of Papa Bear’s favorite meals. I think I could eat it every day! 😊


  11. I’ll have to check out Soulsounds. Thank you. Nice list. Reminds me that I need to attend to my crystals.


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