The Postnuptial Agreement-Tammy Tillotson
  1. Oh, no. I will not moan about another birthday coming up next week. I’m happy to be here to see and enjoy it, in good health and agility.
  2. Birthday cake. I’m looking forward to mine. I make sure I have one every year.
  3. My study group that has begun the book Archetypes by Caroline Myss. It’s gonna be good.
  4. 3. My dear friend Tammy who sent her fabulous chapbook The Postnuptial Agreement, the result of ten years of creating & composing. It’s gorgeous inside and out.
  5. Heartland the series on Netflix has captured my heart. It’s my alternative life I could have lived if I knew about that lifestyle when I was younger.
  6. The Reading Woman calendar by Pomegranate that displays beautiful artwork of women reading even before it was a common event to do for women, with blocks large enough to scribble reminders.
  7. A place to donate the books I am purging from my storage unit. They need to be in circulation, not in a storage unit. Sadly I don’t have enough room for them all anymore.
  8. The books that are like friends that I cannot part with. I’ve lugged them from one place to another.
  9. My cell that shows who is calling so I can block the company connected to my car’s warrenty. Bull!

The writing ideas that come to me when I think they aren’t going to.


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10 responses to “TenThingsOfThankful

  1. Kristi

    Happy upcoming birthday! Each year is definitely worth celebrating with cake, so enjoy it! I recently donated some books, too. They had outgrown the bookcases. I have to remind myself that I have space for x number of books; the ones I donate are not unloved; I just don’t have room for all the books.
    Thanks again for linking up! Hope you have a great birthday week!


  2. Thank you Kristi. It’s always good to hear from another book lover. Isn’t it something? I’ve always had a love of books.

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  3. What’s your favorite cake? Happy Birthday 🎂 We also enjoy Heartland. Mama’s retirement home has a nice library from donated books. It gets used often. Next time I go I’m going to take a few.


  4. Isn’t it interesting, the small details we remember?


  5. Pat Brockett

    I have started watching Heartland too, and am enjoying it. Calendars with blocks large enough to write several things that are happening in a single day are great. The size of the blocks is always a deciding factor when I choose a wall calendar, followed by the photos on the calendar.
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a delicious tasting cake.


  6. pre-happy birthday!*

    *no, that doesn’t sound right…. err happy pre-birthday…. happy birthday pre-wishes… ayiiee.
    I got it. Read the following next week:
    Happy Birthday!



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