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Door to Secrets-Arlene S Bice

Painting is something I loved to do from my earliest years and I asked for a set of paints when I was 8; my step-father-to-be said, “I’m sorry i don’t know anything about paint sets.”

I got a baseball mitt instead.

When I asked for painting lessons which my oldest brother got, I was given tap shoes for my clumsy feet that never fit in a chorus line.

When I had babies, one after another painting portraits didn’t come into the picture.

Once they grew to a certain age, I got to take lessons with the esteemed, internationally known Juanita Crosby, Gail Bracegirdle and years later with Dot Overby.

Alas, talent is needed to get into a successful gallery.


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16 responses to “SSS – gallery

  1. There are so many frustrations along the way.


  2. UP

    Good job on the six.


  3. thanks. they are fun to do.


  4. Joy doesn’t require talent. I hope you still enjoy painting! Great 6!


  5. This is a well-written story that makes me wonder what might have been if her desire had been encouraged from an early age. I think too often parents miss what might be important to our souls.


  6. Some passions survive a lifetime. An uplifting story of never giving up!


  7. Love the message behind this story!


  8. a talent is a thing within us for a lifetime, actualized or not


  9. It was meant to be that you found your painting skills. All your life experiences must have bled into the canvas once you got the chance to discover. I always wanted to create and was fortunate to get paint by numbers every Christmas from maybe age 8-12. By then, art classes were in schools. Before that, we had art come to the class and you did what you could with your desk top. The smell of an art room still makes me weak at the knees. I am glad you found your artist’s soul to be waiting, ready to push forward.


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