Take down the porcelain

The one with the pink petal

If it doesn’t suit you to use the metal. . .teapot

Don’t get your drawers in a nettle

It’s simple for us to settle

For tea from the hot kettle.


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24 responses to “SSS=kettle

  1. Man, best not read this Six/poem while climbing (or descending) stairs!* lol

    * a compliment on the strength of the rhythm in your Six


  2. This made me smile. Breaking out the porcelain tea set *sigh*
    I hope there are folks who still make time for tea!


  3. UP

    Great rhyming. Great job on the sss. Kudos. Poetry is work.


  4. Very nice job on the structure and the rhyming – not so many words which rhyme with ‘kettle’, but you picked and used creatively.


  5. Kristi

    What a sweet poem!


  6. Pat Brockett

    I enjoyed your poetic Six.
    I am not familiar with the phrase “don’t get your drawers in a nettle, but I remember as a kid wearing shorts and being ever so careful not to brush against a patch of nettles growing by our creek.


  7. All one needs is tea from a hot kettle.


  8. TheHiddenEdge

    So clever! 😊


  9. The porcelain, only for special occasions and special guests.


  10. Lovely expression and play with poetry!


  11. dyannedillon

    What a fun poem for a fun six!


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