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Chapbook Challenge-day 3

One poem from As the Day Dawns

The Lake – Ellie Newbauer. .

Rousing from its slumber,

it cuddles in its blanket of mist.

An early morning breeze skitters,

and fitfully drops,

to caress its satin body.

The glassy water responds

to the whispering lover,

so close for an instant the two are one.

They separate, and the fickle gust hurries on

to spread its rippled secrets

to the farther shore.

As the misty shroud dissolves,

shadows fall,

heralding the coming sun.

Diamonds burst forth,

and in a tap, slide, turn,

they gaily dance the day away

to the lapping rhythm

of the flowing waters.

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Gathering at the Women’s Forum


The holidays are put to rest and the exciting Women’s Forum is back on the calendar! The third Saturday of January (17th) from 1to 3 o’clock, Ellen Newbauer will be speaking to us of her life experiences that led her through her darkest times. She found her way back to a life full of joy and creativity, developing a business as a talented artisan of wood and other media. Her story is one of courage, hope, promise, and just plain grit!
Magic happens when a personal story is told with honesty and confidence. Bonds are created where women help women find a path in life.
You are welcome to join us at 115 Magnolia Court, Wildwood Subdivision on Lizard Creek in Littleton. You’ll find like-minded women of interest, compassion, and intelligence.

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