TTOT 21.03.19. chocolate greek yogurt

photo by American Heritage Chocolate unsplash

  1. After days of excruciating pain from an infected tooth, I am pain-free. Yahoo!
  2. After a 90 minute drive to Danville on Monday, my appointment time was nil. It was a just-get-in-line deal; the line being 200’ + or = line. At least I had pleasant conversations with the Texan in front of me and the woman behind me for the 2 hour wait in cold weather that I was not dressed for and no sweater in the car because I just cleaned it out. But, hooray! My first vaccine has been accepted with no side effects.
  3. Amoxiecillin. Need I say more?
  4. Being able to think and create thoughts to write again.
  5. Two days warm enough to have lunch on the sunporch with my new companion Captain Midnight. He loves it out there, sneaks up on the birds even though he can’t get to them. So funny.
  6. Books, books, books. Between all the sleeping I did this week, were peeks into one book or another.
  7. Email. Keeping me from being disconnected from the world.
  8. Chobani Greek Yogurt to replace what anti-biotics take out of my system.
  9. Dark chocolate cocoa powder that I mixed with the yogurt, adding a touch of honey, yum and all I could eat for a couple days.
  10. Jumping back into my busy (thankfully) writing schedule.

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