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Why is the first time for any experience, good or bad, always remembered vividly when brought to mind.

Easily, this one popped into my head with electrifying response from just a word.

I remember this one so well, joyfully, of a foot -long, fat, cardboard tube.

It was placed into my hands with instructions to look into the tiny hole and twist.

I was a youngster of under 10 years of age holding an amazing, new object setting my imagination awhirl.

The kaliedoscope was a world of color, shapes, and marvel, changing as I twirled with such ease, just like my life has done since those early years.


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26 responses to “SSS-kaliedscope

  1. True. It was something else looking into one of those as a kid for the first time. ‘Marvel’ is a perfect word you used.


  2. Excellent–I love this…as much as I love my 2 kaleidoscopes!


  3. Agreed! As soon as I saw the word that vivid memory sliced its way through, too. 🙂


  4. and I will add, in appreciation, your description of a “…fat, cardboard tube. is all it took to have my own experience flash though my mind.
    fun Six!


  5. UP

    This cue did bring back memories. I just couldn’t make them work. I”m in too dark a place these days.


  6. Wonderful, Arlene. Beautifully written homage to a “toy” so many of us were blessed to have as a child. It was, for sure, the coolest thing 🙂


  7. I love how you captured the same joy of the kaleidoscope that I remember as a child. Good job!


  8. I remember a tube much like that as a child. Hold it to the light and the colors sparkled when they changed. I like how you compared that twirling to one’s life.


  9. Kaleidoscopes were a great toy for sure. Your last sentence is perfect.


  10. While i don’t remember the very first time i looked in one, i do remember a sense of wonder whenever i did look through one. Excellent story.


  11. A lovely six, catapulting us back to our youth. Are we all of a certain age on here? 🤣


  12. That was my first flash, too… on a cardboard tube, the slow twist, and the whirlwind of bright geometry! Lovely memory.


  13. Kaleidoscopes sure do open up new discoveries.


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