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When it is truly time for a break, to tear myself away from the computer when the words are flowing so easily saying exactly what I want to say without effort or the delete button and to prevent sore back muscles and eye strain; I look over at my favorite teapot, a gift from a dear friend many years ago.

Yes, I tell myself with no argument from me in return, it’s time!

I put the water on to boil, and when it does, I use some of it to warm the pot, slush that hot water around its innards to heat the sides as well.

My mouth begins to water as my mind alerts me that a wonderful treat is at hand.

I empty the teapot, scoop a healthy spoonful of tea from the canister into the pot and pour in the boiled water, let it steep as the aroma tickles my nose.

No way will I filter out the true taste of my tea by using that horrible, commercial invention called a teabag.


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21 responses to “SSS-FILTER

  1. Most excellent, Arlene 😀 I sensed the need for a break, your anticipation of the perfect distraction and…. preference for the real deal, lol. Not a tea drinker, but I imagine tea vs bag is akin to instant coffee and perk 🙂


  2. UP

    Exellent six Arlene! I’m a coffee man, but drink sweet iced tea after I finish the pot of Java every day.


  3. Interesting. Not a fan of tea, but my father was and, with your Six, I seem to remember a definite hint of ritual to his own enjoyment of the beverage.
    Good Six!


  4. If it is a mint tea, I would even eat those leaves. And there is also the aroma I sometimes take for granted.


  5. While the morning coffee awakens, the afternoon tea gives that little something to carry through the end of the work day.


  6. Pat Brockett

    When I drink tea, I drink some of the non-caffeine herbal teas. I have used the tea bags, but we also have the little spoon for holding loose tea which is handy when we have loose tea. I grew up drinking iced tea in the summer and cups of hot tea sometimes in the winter. Love how you used the cue in your SSS.


  7. Jael Stevens

    I haven’t had a cup of tea in ages, but this post made me want some!!


  8. Oh yes, proper tea! 🙂


  9. I love a nice cup of herb tea in the evening. A tea pot would be nice. Nice six.


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