Picture by walaa khaleel from Unsplash

“Ah,” said the crone slowly to the babe standing before her in diapers with a ribbon across his chest. “I see you are a newcomer to the crowd that we already know. What do you have to say to us, promises perhaps?”

But the babe said naught, just looked back at her with wide-eyed wonder. He had no history to call upon, nor any references of any kind. So in baby talk he murmured, “let’s just wait and see if I can go the distance.”


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19 responses to “SSS-DISTANCE

  1. We shall see, won’t we?
    Thought provoking Six, Arlene.
    Have a safe and Happy New Year!


  2. lol*

    fun Six
    *compliment on a neat little (and engaging) story with a wryly amusing surprise at the end,


  3. Jael Stevens


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  4. Just off to make a cup of tea, to go with the little smile you have evoked 😊!


  5. 2021, comin’ on strong and sweet and small, taking it a step at a time to go that long mile.
    I really liked this six!


  6. I love this SSS so much! Beautiful and perfect baby an Six.


  7. Ha! So that’s what they’re saying… I enjoyed this translation of baby talk. Good luck, baby.


  8. Excellent and cool Six, with baby being the star!


  9. Aww I am rooting for that baby to show us a good year. Maybe we need to find that curiosity in ourselves once again.


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