Photo Jennifer Pallian from Unsplash
  1. Hot cocoa on a cold night.
  2. Pleasant voice on the phone when asking for a return or refund.
  3. Christmas cards or ecards from friends.
  4. A new calendar to enjoy a new year.
  5. A plumber saying yes, he’ll come out, when the situation gets desperate.
  6. Water flowing down the drain easily, so thankful.
  7. Dark chocolate. Yum.
  8. The poetry of others.
  9. Christmas carols, some hundreds of years old.
  10. Old letters wrapped in ribbon.


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4 responses to “TTOT-20.12.18.

  1. Pat Brockett

    Excellent TToT list. Yeah for plumbers to the rescue and the easy flowing of water down the drain. Listening to the carols which have been written for so many years that draw so many to Him is such a blessing.


  2. Such warm thoughts and yay for the rescue!


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