picture thanks to eugenivy now at Unsplash

It’s Christmas, time for presents and trees.

Enjoy egg nog, cookies and peppermint sticks.

Watch out for the wee elf to play his tricks.

The cold weather encourages furry wraps.

Santa and his reindeer driving long range.

After the holiday comes the gifts to Change.


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12 responses to “SSS-change

  1. I like the reference to the “wee elf” and his tricks, a new Christmas tradition for me.

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  2. lol*

    excellent angling of the prompt word


  3. Well done! My hope is not to have any need to change gifts later, but it’s not easy.


  4. Not a thing you wrote untrue, be merry and joyful in all that you do
    Exchange you say? Wait in a line?
    As long as it’s the holidays all will be fine

    Fun and festive Six, Arlene!


  5. Pat Brockett

    You have wrapped up your SSS Christmas post quite nicely.


  6. Lovely holiday thoughts!


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