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My normal Monday morning routine was to make a deposit at the bank from last Saturday’s take, but this time I first slipped into my brother’s recently-opened Bistro kitchen on the way to see how he was adjusting to his new way of life. There is nothing like jumping into an unfamiliar field with lots of challenges to mend a broken heart or at least concentrate on something positive instead of moaning in sorrow. It didn’t surprise me that he went into the food business even though he didn’t know the difference between a hamburger and a pork chop when we were kids.

Photo by Pastel100 from Pixabay

We came from a long list of family professional cooks who were now all gone, so he depended on me to remember Mom’s ways of cooking and the recipes she carried in her head. Professionally I was in the book business but started out working in a luncheonette while in high school and followed up working in restaurants and taverns for many years after that, loving that line of work. This morning he asked my opinion on placing particular items on his next Menu change as he wanted to keep it fresh, mouth-watering and exciting, so his customers would repeat coming often.


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16 responses to “SSS-Menu

  1. UP

    Good story, excellent use of the cue. The place and the piie look inviting.


  2. Good Six. I like the philosophy of jumping headfirst into work and new projects so as not to nurse a broken heart for too long.


  3. Thanks, it’s actually a true story, every word..


  4. Jael Stevens

    I had a feeling it was a true story–the authenticity oozed in a deliciously inviting way!


  5. Certainly opening a restaurant would provide more than ample distraction from a broken heart. Pretty cool, in spite of not being into it in his youth, your brother wound up carrying on a family profession 🙂


  6. I also figured this was a true story. I hope he is doing well. Good to refresh the menu, but keep the mainstays.


  7. dyannedillon

    Starting a restaurant would be so hard! It would certainly take your mind off a broken heart!


  8. You are such a wonderful sister to help your brother. I am sure he was most appreciative. I think I liked the people aspect of serving as a waitress and bar maid ( I think those are the old titles when I worked them ). I never was fast enough for my last gig as a waitress, but did well before that time, when I was much younger. Oh, the stories you gain from that work, though. I have gotten many from the experience.


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