bluejay at feeder
  1. Writers who are so generous with their work and talents.
  2. Men who are true gentlemen.
  3. Songbirds waiting at 7 am for me to hang the feeder.
  4. For so many apps that help us do what we want to do.
  5. Poets who offer programs to share with other poets.
  6. Poetry that soothes the soul either writing or reading of it.
  7. Volunteers of all kinds who we can’t thank enough.
  8. All the volunteers who made & supply the little library houses so everyone can read without spending money.
  9. Coconut oil, so good for the body inside & out & for the hair, too.
  10. Vitamin supplements that assist my body in staying healthy.


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2 responses to “TTOT-20.11.06.

  1. Agree! Life is better with our support systems and genuine people. Love the birdie.


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