I’m digging, digging, digging into the past trying to find out who I come from, who I am and the country of origin of my roots. Most of the elders in my family were gone before I got here with only one left who passed away shortly after I arrived which made it hard to know the foundation of my family. Mom said “They didn’t talk about things like that” and she didn’t know any answers to the questions I asked as a kid.

So I had to wait until wearing the clothes of a grown-up person before I could seriously begin my research on finding my ancestors and it took until the internet before I found my father’s country of origin which turned out to be Cornwall, England where a zillion Bice families still live. Two of them fought in the Revolutionary War on the American side, which reveals that I come from good stock. Mom’s side revealed roots dating back to the 1600s in New Jersey where their names are enrolled in Piscataway history books that I have just received in the mail and will lose myself in them for the entire day making me a very happy person.


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14 responses to “SSS-FOUNDATION

  1. …’wait until wearing the clothes of a grown-up person before I could seriously begin
    What an excellent line!
    (totally wordage jealous lol)


  2. UP

    some great wordsmithing here. marvelous use of the cue.


  3. That sounds like a wonderful foundation to discover.


  4. Wonderful for me….and learn so much else in dong the research.


  5. How exciting! The internet certainly has opened up access to those looking to create genealogy trees to chart family history. Enjoy!


  6. dyannedillon

    My brother has worked on our family genealogy and so far thinks our ancestors came across the ocean in a row boat, as there hasn’t been a record of any of them coming any other way!


  7. Good six. Cool you found out your origins are Cornish.


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