SSS- Hunch

abundance of birds fly in, nibble, fly out again

between gossiping together now and then

last week the feeder was completely nil

I watched, I waited, a fat squirrel came to fill

at the feeder one morning, I was at brunch

uh, oh unhappily it was exactly like my hunch


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18 responses to “SSS- Hunch

  1. Squirrels!🐿 Nicely done.


  2. Squirrels or birds probably all want to eat something, but the bird feeder is for the birds.


  3. UP

    Sounds like my yard. Squirrels everywhere. Good job on this.


  4. I too have many squirrels and wish they’d stay out of my garden 🙂
    Cute six!


  5. Squirrels! Good luck with them. Could be worse, could be bears at the feeder.


  6. Pat Brockett

    Maybe time to get a hummingbird feeder. Squirrels don’t bother them. If you have some kind of a water fountain, the other birds will still come around, but the squirrels will go elsewhere.
    Good use of the prompt word.


  7. Squirrels are the most nimble of animals and the most mischievous, lol


  8. I used to lay in wait with my broom and chase the squirrels around the yard. They used to make faces at me and laugh. Nice six.


  9. hahahaha. I keep the broom handy, too, but so far the squirrel only shows up after i remove the feeder at 9 when i go inside to work. thanks.


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