Day 26 ~ And Now I am Here ~ arlene s bice

as i stand in front of a blank canvas

brush in hand, palette on the other

crepe myrtles in bloom outside my window

my mind turns inward, dreaming of

a gentle, rainy day, glistening lilacs in blossom

along the bricked lane leading to home

my Queen Anne, brilliant in various shades

of peach, burgundy, and dark green trims

the turret proudly upward, announcing

welcome from round windows i love

my travels are ending, at least for a time

graffiti seen on the wall in Brussels

shouted to me Go Home! in big letters

taken as a personal sign to me, listen

my heart told me, listening i am

after finding a shiny penny in the park

a sure sign of a loved one, passed over

sending me a message, listen, listen

like lyrical music filling my soul

a letter received only yesterday

left me mournful, anxious to leave

the joys and treasures of traveling,

forever yours it was signed, told me

unhappiness lay ahead, answers needed

could not be found here, time to depart

and now i am here.

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