Day 20 write a poem about a handmade or homemade gift that you have received. Lovely Gifts ~ arlene s bice

it took many years; much practice

to receive a gift graciously

most of my life, i’ve been a giver

it’s just who i was; how it was

i accepted that

a sage teacher wisely told me

it is important to allow someone

else the pleasure of giving


i never thought of it like that

recently two gifts were given to me

one i cherished the other i ate

after i cherished it

both personal, handmade

a notecard showing a friend

reading my latest book

definitely cool


thank you Sandra

the other in a quilted jar

delicious strawberry jam

handmade with care

even one taste conjures up

wonderful feelings

memories from my past

thank you Tammy

both handmade gifts

given with the love of friendship

received with the love of friendship.

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