Day 14 -write a poem about people who inspired you to write poems.

IWWG   arlene s bice

early days before the explosion

classes at Skidmore, 10 years straight

annual conference, 500 women gather

the International Women’s Writing Guild

offered so many classes each day,

which to take. . . . which to take

tough choice, poets, creative teachers

Judi Beach beautiful woman, fab poet

Marj Hahn different road, fab ideas

guided, lead, teased my mind

woke my senses, sparked me

new words, new ways, poems


Skidmore IWWG 2008


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2 responses to “Day 14 -write a poem about people who inspired you to write poems.

  1. Wonderful! I’ve thought about attending. They are a great group.


  2. Going to the annual conference totally changed my life. I made wonderful writing friendships, some maintained only the internet and continue today. Thanks Cheryl for reading…


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