More Ghosts Along the Border

The excitement within me bubbles up and nearly explodes trying to get out when I open the first box of my new books. It is exhilarating!!! You’d think it was my first published book. No, it’s my 14th book that still feels like my very first one. My hand runs over the smooth, glossy cover. My fingertips feel each individual letter and picture. My name jumps out at me and shouts, “I did it!! I’m published! My words are in print to share with the world!” I open the book and smell the ink and think of Benjamin Franklin with his references to printing ink and the published work. I vibrate with joy!  Along the Border, from the afterlife! True stories from people you may know from both sides of the border between Warren County, North Carolina and Southside Virginia.   


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4 responses to “More Ghosts Along the Border

  1. Dawn Mullen

    Congratulations! I think I am a book or two behind. Let me know, I will send you $ to send me your books signed of course❤️

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  2. Thanks Dawn. I think this is the only one you don’t have. It’s $17. and I’ll pay the postage. You have my email address? I think I only have your Cape Coral address.


  3. Congratulations, Arlene! You inspire all of us.


  4. Thanks Cheryl. I live to write.


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