RASI-Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

I just finished reading this exciting book that has a sharp, sexy gal with a classy name of Ashleigh Wanamaker as the owner and CEO of RASI. I love it when smart women are in charge! She also hires competent guys, like Erik Deckard (easy to look at, too) with experience and know-how to do the jobs she takes on.  Most of the action of retrieving diamonds and bars of gold bullion from a sunken ship takes place in Cape Town, South Africa.  The plot has twists, turns, and surprise, which I am not going to reveal!

It’s easy to tell the writing is by a former U. S Marine Corp. guy with aerospace experience. He makes me wonder if he was in the middle of this caper. I highly recommend it to those who like to read fast action, weapon tech, and an intricate plot full of characters.

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