Found in Life & Labyrinth

I recently re-read Dun Aengus by David Whyte and felt compelled to re-read my Italy poem, inspired by his. It still brings vivid images to me of Italy. I hope it does for you, too.




(Inspired by Dun Aengus by David Whyte)

And when you go, try to go before the ‘season’

when tourists fill every place. They take the soul of

place away.

See Italy as its people have, from

centuries ago to the present. Join them with

colorful pottery pitchers of wine on each table alongside

baskets of bread yet warm, with the scent of hot oven-baking

still floating out from the kitchen to your table to your nose to whet

your appetite.

Walk the narrow cobbled streets

where the clatter of horses’ hooves fill

your ears even though that time is a long way

passed. Throw open the casement window in your

castle bedroom to sweep your eyes over the clay tiled

roofs to the mountains in the distance. The mountains that

pierce the clouds as you do, driving down the mountain, the

road carrying you through the cloud slowly so…

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