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The Muse as Cat

Some have a muse
I have Mz Lizzie
this cat
will come for me
if I am not at my PC
hunting the house
for me
then nudging
nudging my calf
Come on! It is time to write!
she tells me
with her eyes

her head bumps me
let’s go!
I smile at her
completing the chore
that is keeping my hands

this cat is relentless
bump, bump,
nudge, nudge
finally I give in
okay, okay
off we go
Mz Lizzie at my ankle
the PC chirps from slumber
Lizzie settles on the table
at my elbow
contented, her job
well done

As a post script here is a link for Louie Schwartz at TED:

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Write Down Your Story

After being away several months writing, and re-writing, and re-writing the final pages in my latest manuscript, IT’S PERSONAL, I’m back to blogging again. Hope you will return with me.




We all have stories. They are all over. Each item in this picture has a story i.e. the paintings on the wall, the settee, Lizzie cleaning herself on the settee, the afghan, the pillow. You get the idea.
Even the house/apartment we live in, the utensils used in the kitchen, a particular set of clothes that hangs in your closet. Stories are everywhere. The writer is the one who thinks about that story then writes it down to share it with others.
These stories that are tucked way back in our minds often explain what we do and how we do it. They are the events that shaped our personalities that guide the way we do things. Bringing a story out of the treasure box into the light can be joyful but it can be painful, too. If you write about the painful one, even if you burn it afterwards, you can help alleviate that pain.
So do it. Write down your story.

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sevenling poetry

Sevenlings came to me from Jyoti Wind who got them via Writers Market, posted by Robert…… formed by Roddy Lumsden as part of a teaching exercise, who originally read a structured poem by the late Anna Akhmatova. I hope I have that all right. J.P. Dancing Bear figures in there somewhere. When I Googled his name I came up with a whole new (to me) poet to read, explore, absorb, learn.

Two of My Poetry Sevenlings-

A Sevenling (He loved going)

He loved going to
The horse races, dog track
And the casino.

He hated reading,
The theatre
And libraries.

He married a writer.

A Sevenling (He changed my cooking)

He changed my cooking to Italian
Using good garlic, fresh yellowy lemons,
Extra virgin olive oil.

Then he took me out to
The Bierhaus, the Peking Palace
And Paula Deen’s.

His Italian taste buds disappeared.


These are the rules as I understand them. Correct any of this if it needs doing. A seven line poem split into three stanzas.

The first stanza consists of three lines; need three elements connected somehow, can be contrasting.

The second stanza is also three lines with the same rules as the first stanza.

The third stanza is one line kind of like a punch-line, a touch of irony perhaps.

No title needed but if used, should include the leading line words.

The overall poem is to encourage the reader to think and respond.


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Women Friendships

I began reading through my old journals looking for references to psychic moments and experiences I’ve had over the years, researching for my next manuscript. I found wonderful memories of times spent with the best of women friends. I found what I was looking for and so much more.

I grew up in what was an all boy neighborhood until I was about 9 years old. I had two brothers, our dog and cat were both males. I married while still a teenager, had four sons, a male dog and a husband who was a mason contractor. This means that I was surrounded by men showing up to go to work or showing up on Fridays for their pay envelope which I had prepared because I set up appointments for estimates and did all the paperwork it takes to run a business.

When the marriage fell apart after 15 years, I worked in fields dominated by men, i.e. wholesale liquor sales rep, bartender, real estate sales followed by real estate appraiser and then a new, used and rare bookseller. All men dominated fields at the time. In the early years I was usually working two jobs sometimes three to keep the bills paid and the kids fed. Who had time for women friendships? Not me.

But time passes and when all those struggle years passed too, I went off into a different direction. I fulfilled my desire to be a writer not realizing that I was always a writer who just had not written anything. It was a woman, InSuk who must have seen that in me and pushed me in the right direction. I will always remember her even though I have not seen her in many years.

So my wonderful women friends first came to me first through my bookshop then through my pen. Well, I also write on my computer. But came they did. Thanks to my years attending the annual conference of the International Women Writers’ Guild I now have women friends from various parts of our country and a few from Europe, the Caribbean and Africa. Who knows? Next I may make friends with women from Asia, Australia and South America. The world is open to me.

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