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About Your Story

About your story. . . .is it tucked away somewhere in bits and pieces in the top drawer of your dresser? Or under your panties and bras, where no one else is allowed to look? Maybe you have photo albums that anyone looking at is supposed to piece together what you were doing, what you were thinking, or who you really are. Photo albums are great for reminding you of the moments in your lives. They are even better when you put words to them. In other words, use them to freshen up your memory while writing your story.
Family and people only know you from the time you came into their lives. How about the you before you met them, the you that made you the who you are today.
There are a couple seats still available at my table for the “Telling Your Story” workshop. Here is the information:
Saturday, 21 April 2018 WOMEN ONLY!
10 am – 4 pm
South Hill, VA
$65.00 includes box lunch
to reserve your spot now,
send an email for Paypal directions, address of workshop, & choice of lunch
checks accepted, too
LIMITED SPACE ~ 12 women
This will be an intimate group, writing our stories like NO ONE else can do. It’s time to get your story down on paper as only you can tell it. Your story is unique whether you want to publish or not, whether you are writing for someone else to read or not.
You will be guided in the best way to make it easier for you. This is a workshop. You will leave at the end of the day with an outline filled with your memories, emotions, and images in words. Get to know yourself by writing it out. Be amazed at the person
you are and the life you have lived. Reserve your spot! Email: arlenebice1633@gmail.com

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You are invited to an intriguing afternoon ~ spent with interesting women

Mission statement: To inspire women of all ages to discover their full potential.

3rd Saturday of each month 1:00 to 3:30PM
The Gathering Place” on Lake Gaston
115 Magnolia Ct. Wildwood Pointe, Littleton NC 27850

March 21 – Guest Presenter: Alana Humphries who is a Registered Nurse of 26 years. Cardiology was her specialty for 23 of those years. She currently works as a Team Leader (Assistant Manager) for Anthem. Alana is a (formerly struggling) single mother of 4 and step-mother of 2
(a much harder job than being a mother.) She is a Certified Intuitive
Angel Card Reader. She has the ability to manifest the wonderful things in her life and would like to show you how to achieve that ability through her

Coming. . . . April – TBA
~ Inquiries: Ellie Newbauer: ellienewbauer@gmail.com
*$10.00 Donation Come, Join Us!

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Women Friendships

I began reading through my old journals looking for references to psychic moments and experiences I’ve had over the years, researching for my next manuscript. I found wonderful memories of times spent with the best of women friends. I found what I was looking for and so much more.

I grew up in what was an all boy neighborhood until I was about 9 years old. I had two brothers, our dog and cat were both males. I married while still a teenager, had four sons, a male dog and a husband who was a mason contractor. This means that I was surrounded by men showing up to go to work or showing up on Fridays for their pay envelope which I had prepared because I set up appointments for estimates and did all the paperwork it takes to run a business.

When the marriage fell apart after 15 years, I worked in fields dominated by men, i.e. wholesale liquor sales rep, bartender, real estate sales followed by real estate appraiser and then a new, used and rare bookseller. All men dominated fields at the time. In the early years I was usually working two jobs sometimes three to keep the bills paid and the kids fed. Who had time for women friendships? Not me.

But time passes and when all those struggle years passed too, I went off into a different direction. I fulfilled my desire to be a writer not realizing that I was always a writer who just had not written anything. It was a woman, InSuk who must have seen that in me and pushed me in the right direction. I will always remember her even though I have not seen her in many years.

So my wonderful women friends first came to me first through my bookshop then through my pen. Well, I also write on my computer. But came they did. Thanks to my years attending the annual conference of the International Women Writers’ Guild I now have women friends from various parts of our country and a few from Europe, the Caribbean and Africa. Who knows? Next I may make friends with women from Asia, Australia and South America. The world is open to me.

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