Ghostly Spirits of Warren County, North Carolina & Beyond – a Reading going on

TA-DAH! For the latest good news.
I’ll be reading from my newest book “Ghostly Spirits of Warren County and Beyond at the Warren County Memorial Library on the 28th March from 5 – 6 pm.

A candle in the window, a man who walks through walls, a woman from long ago…..peek into the personal stories of hauntings from those who wish to remain in their place on earth instead of going forward into the after-life. Warren County was a wealthy, thriving place during the antebellum years. Warrenton was the hub of activity, a destination on market days where friends gathered. These imprints were left and remain today.

Stories brought to Lake Gaston come to life as events are unveiled by those who have the gift of seeing what others cannot see. Stories of their paranormal moments and they are sharing them with so you can learn and understand more about the afterlife.
Added is the historical background that will endear you to place and time, to personal experiences for your compassion and understanding. As time progresses and changes are made, some spirits remain as they were forever.
Come join us if you can, spread the word, it’s happening at 119 S. Front Street in Warrenton, NC. Books will be available to purchase or bring yours in to be signed. Refreshments will be served. Thursday, 28 March 5 – 6 pm. Question period following.

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