Flower Fairies

Again the roadsides in Warren County are abounding with flowers. This time there are two sets of yellow flowers, a tiny, beautiful and cheerful yellow close to the ground, long stretches of them. Also big bunches of daisy-like brilliant yellow flowers. So it is time to thank the Flower Fairies who tend them along with the birds which accidentally drop the seeds flying from one place to another.Image

I took my camera out to the garden at dusk to take a photo. The little white orbs that show up in the picture are the fairies. My garden is new and young and I think I should have waited another half hour before taking the pics so I can only see two orbs. Some flowers gather more fairies than others.

For info on Flower Fairies go to:  http://www.flowerfairies.com/

Plant an enchanted Fairy Garden next spring to experience a lovely happiness for yourself and all the delightful creatures which inhabit your garden of magic. For info on the planting got to:  http://www.gardenfairy.com/

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