Image by H. B. from Pixabay 

The snow falling ever so gently coming down

Brought memories of youth, country and town

Snow angels, snowmen and ladies, too

Brought joy, wet mittens and hands so blue

Times change and with it, my new snow plow

Brought growing up, earning money somehow.


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21 responses to “SSS-plow

  1. I like the line about snow angels, snow men and snow ladies.


  2. A pleasant and most seasonal Six, Arlene.
    It snowed here this morning “ever so gently” 🙂


  3. This has a lovely ring! You scooped right through it.

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  4. Wet mittens! I remember those 🙂


  5. yeah… so why is it I don’t get two or three young people knocking on my door asking if they could shovel my driveway? (It’s rather on the long side, compared to the other houses in the neighborhood), but still!
    Nice evocation of a season and a time*

    * to borrow Pat’s blog name


  6. What a lovely little muse 😊


  7. Pat Brockett

    Brought back childhood memories and the excitement of seeing the newly fallen snow.


  8. Delightful Six – as delightful as the snow and all it brings. The verse reads effortlessly, and with a joy like some of the poems of W.H. Davies.

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  9. It’s a beautiful piece of writing


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